Rugrat Fun

Here are some quick links for activities to do with your own rugrats! Getting on the floor and playing with your children will give you both some of the best memories!
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Science Fun
Blowing Bubbles
Ice Boats
-The Bouncy Egg Project
-Cartesian Diver Experiment
-Will it Sink or Float?
-Shadow fun
-Create a river
-Capillary Action (Understanding how plants move water)
-Balloons and Hairdryers

Creative Exploration
-Child Made Board Game
-Cardboard Box Fun
-Pudding Body Paint
-Balloon Printing
-Shaving Cream Fight

-Find it
-Wild Alphabet Hunt

Letter recognition and reading
-Wild Alphabet Hunt
-Spaghetti Letters

Places to take your kiddos
-Free Tour at Firestation
-Free tour at local dairy farm
-Police Horse Barn

Dexterity Builders
-Tongs to develop pre-scissor dexterity.

-Paper Plate Spinners/ Jack and the Beanstalk
-Balloon Printing
-Spaghetti rubbings
-Jonah and the Big Fish