Blog Love

I can Teach My Child- Written by my Friend Jenae. She is one of the sweetest people I know and is definitely a genius at kids crafts. She is a way better friend than I am and lucky to know her. Her children are perfectly adorable and are a blessing to be around.

Paintbrushes and Peonies-Written by my friend Kristen. Her and Jenae both have the sweet Gene. I hang around them hoping some will rub off on me. She is an expert at home decorating. I barely can even say it. lol. Her two blond children are absolutely precious and her daughter says the most hilarious things!

A day in the life of a preacher-man's wife- Written by my husbands cousin Lisa. She lives on the east coast and has the gift to see something and figure out how she can make it herself. I am jealous for sure. I love her complete honesty. Her daughter is absolutely beautiful and wish she lived closer so I could squeeze on her and have her play with my children.

This is the story of my life- Written by my husbands cousin Chelle. She is a Midwesterner as well. Unfortunately I wish we lived closer. Her daughter is a hoot and a half and is going to be such a great big sister soon. I know our kiddos we love more time together. Chelle is great about making you feel uplifted when you read her blog.

Keeper of the skies wife- She was my first blog world friend. She made me feel welcome in the blog world even though I have such a tiny blog. She is a quilting machine and must admit I am jealous of her gift.

The Beth Life-Written by my friend Beth our former preacher's wife. She is a decorating and kid dressing genius. Her humor is absolutely spot on! Since she has moved farther south we sure miss getting to see her two handsome boys on a regular basis.

Patrick Barber's Blog-Written by surprise Patrick Barber. He is our current preacher and is excellent at communicating the word of God. His wife is a blast and his children are definitely entertaining.