About Me!

Welcome to Camo and Bows. This site is for you if you would like some tips for for fun rugrat activities to help your children grow and create lasting memories. It is also a site to know you don't have to be a Super mom or dad, just have love in your heart. If  you ever need some laughs enjoy some mom humor and know there is someone out there making more of a complete fool of herself than you are. 
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About Me The Author!
I am a wife to my hunk of love Anton and a mother of two rugrats that keep life so entertaining. I have a Children's Book addiction. I have a degree in Chemistry with Minors in Math and Biology (Yes I am a nerd)and while I used my degree for four years at a pharmaceutical company I now am staying at home while still paying student loans laughing at myself and not regretting the decisions once. 
I love to take pictures, but I rarely get pictures of myself. I almost had to put one of my senior pictures up here. 
My grammar and spelling are atrocious on my blog and I don't really care. 
I started the blog to show off my babies to family members and my primary motivation to keep blogging is to brag about my children and my husband. 
I love coordinating events and have found that outlet at church. I am not trendy, so do not ask me for home decorating advice and clothing whatever you call it. I do have some friends that are fantastic at it and I almost always differ to them. Laundry is my nemesis. If I am moody I can spend a bit of time outdoors and it seems to cheer me up. 
I love love to play and my husband claims that we had children, so I didn't look so weird buying toys at Toys R Us. 

Wondering why I named the blog Camo and Bows. Well living in the midwest especially with my husband a piece of Camo clothing is about everywhere I turn. My son popped out wearing camo almost. Then Bows you can't have a little girl with out some ridiculously huge bows. Right?! I think I am a bit obsessed with them. 
Anyways that is my explanation.