28 July 2012

Coming Soon to the Hayes Family...

The Hayes Family is expecting our third child January 31st. We are excited even though it came as a complete surprise to us.

Hunter is elated to be a big brother again. At the early sonogram Hunter said, "Mommie, why did you eat that baby?" After explanation that I didn't eat the baby Hunter said "Well can we look at the baby in my tummy to?" I love the things Hunter says.

Lorelei isn't quite old enough to understand she just kisses my tummy ALL the time.

My husband is supportive as always and is sad to miss the rest of the pregnancy since he is and will be in North Dakota for who knows how long. Course I am sure he doesn't miss the mood swings and the sounds of me being sick.   : ) Anton's work will fly him home 10 days before the due date and he will get to stay a while afterwards. 

I am thrilled that our family is growing and we have one more beautiful child to love.

27 July 2012


So at Red Robin I was taking both Hunter and Lorelei to the bathroom. I kept telling Hunter to keep the stall door shut. Hunter replys " Why is someone going to come in here and fight us?" 

I guess I need to pay more attention to what he is learning from those PBS cartoons. 

26 July 2012

Amazing Wonders Aviation 2012 VBS

Registration Check in Counters
 I had the great pleasure of getting to be on of the co-directors for our church's VBS this year. I had such a blast organizing and decorating. It is always such a privilege to be apart of something that you know your children will love and learn from.
There was so much and so many people apart of VBS I wouldn't even know where to begin to talk about it. 
I am blessed to be apart of a congregation who is eager to devote their time and money for the benefit of our children. 

I am ready to start planning for next year. : )

Victoria Falls

Paracutin Volcano 


Sunset in the Great Barrier Reef

Control Tower

Baggage Claim

Worship Rally hangar my Father in law made

25 July 2012

The things Hunter Says

Hunter just a bit ago runs up to me all excited.
Hunter "Mommie where are we going?"
Me      "No where buddy. Why?"
Hunter  " I am all dressed up, so where are we going?"
Me       "Hunter that is the outfit you have been wearing ALL day."
Hunter  "But I look nice"
Me       "Buddy you are just wearing a Thomas shirt and shorts"
Hunter  "Yes I am all dressed up, so where are we going?"

I guess something in the y chromosome is what causes a boy to go all day before he realizes he is wearing clothes.

Shaving Cream Fight!!!

I had my fabulous cousins from South Texas come up and stay with my grandparents a couple weeks ago. They are wonderful people. It was a very hot week when they came up. I took advantage and did something I have been dying to do since my church camp days. Total cost was a total of 6 dollars and we had shaving cream to spare. The kiddos were begging to do it again. Corynn and I expected to sit on the side and watch, but it was way too tempting not to join. Especially when even my grandpa joined the fun.

19 July 2012

Hunter's Description of preschool.

As we were getting ready for Hunter's last day of summer session preschool Hunter was describing preschool to me. "We make a HUGE mess. Then we clean it up. Then we make another HUGE mess. Then we clean it up. We sit on the carpet on our mats and we line up in lines A LOT!" 
Pretty interesting description I thought. : )