04 April 2012

Go Go Go Hunter!

My little soccer player
Hunter had his first soccer game this past Saturday and his second game on Tuesday.

Wondering why she isn't on the team
The first game was a learning experience. Hunter showed up and said "I am going to win this". However, we never thought to explain that taking the ball away from people is part of the idea. Hunter was very frustrated with people not taking turns and not sharing. DRAMA. Then he got pushed face first in the mud. DRA...MAA... 
Then I tell Hunter to try to get the ball no matter what, sooo... Hunter runs and keeps stealing the ball from the referee who is trying to restart the game. Ooops. 

When the game was over and all the kids ran off the field Hunter saw the ball was unattended and the goal was wide open, so he scored a goal. He thought he was the hero of the game. lol

Cheering on Hunter
After some coaching over the weekend the next game was light years better.
 Hunter was a maniac after the ball. No tears and he eager to get after the ball. He even scored a real goal this time.
Team Huddle

Score that Goal
We brought Lorelei her own ball to play with this time, so she would stop trying to run on to the field. Lorelei is also a fantastic little cheerleader Yelling in her little alto voice " Go Go Go".

Life is so much fun with Hunter and Lorelei!!

Lorelei shouting GO GO GO

Put me back in Coach!