28 July 2012

Coming Soon to the Hayes Family...

The Hayes Family is expecting our third child January 31st. We are excited even though it came as a complete surprise to us.

Hunter is elated to be a big brother again. At the early sonogram Hunter said, "Mommie, why did you eat that baby?" After explanation that I didn't eat the baby Hunter said "Well can we look at the baby in my tummy to?" I love the things Hunter says.

Lorelei isn't quite old enough to understand she just kisses my tummy ALL the time.

My husband is supportive as always and is sad to miss the rest of the pregnancy since he is and will be in North Dakota for who knows how long. Course I am sure he doesn't miss the mood swings and the sounds of me being sick.   : ) Anton's work will fly him home 10 days before the due date and he will get to stay a while afterwards. 

I am thrilled that our family is growing and we have one more beautiful child to love.


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Chelley N said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I'm so happy for your family!!!