28 January 2012

Police Horse Barn

I absolutely love all the free play groups the moms from my church get together to do. 
I think getting out is as important to my sanity as it is developmentally for my children. 

A week and a half ago we all went to the police horse barn and therapeutic riding center. Official name I really have no clue. 
Lorelei loved all the dirt and thought it was one big sandbox. Hunter was distraught with how dirty Lorelei was getting. : ) It was perfect family bonding time. 

My kids absolutely enjoyed themselves. Hunter's only disappointment was there wasn't cows as well. For some reason he is determined to ride a cow. Never teaching this kid about Rodeos!!!! No mother wants her son to be a bull rider. 
Lorelei was quite excellent at getting both of the officers to pick her up as she is so quick to slip my grip. She makes me feel like a bad mother with how quickly she disappears from me. If only they had baby shock collars. (joking joking...don't take me too seriously: )


Lisa said...

I don't know about shock collars, but they do have leashes...:)

Chelley N said...

How fun! Hunter the Bull Rider . . . I could totally see that :-)