27 January 2012

Kansas Day

Lorelei is such a personality. I am having to baby proof things I never even had to consider with my sweet Hunter. She is growing like a weed. (I know it doesn't go with the Kansas day theme, but I had to stick her in here somewhere. : )

So Kansas day is coming up this Sunday which happens to be my birthday. ; ) Now that Hunter is in preschool he get his own Kansas day celebration. He dressed up reluctantly as a cute little cowboy wearing his daddies cowboy hat and sporting his daddies old horse. The vest was my brother's as a kid and the boots are from his cousin Benny. Talk about some heritage in one outfit right there. : )

 Oh funny story it wasn't until 2nd grade that I figured out this big parties we were having at school on my birthday wasn't really for me. Yes I was crushed. What a little narcissistic child I was. lol
Something that I absolutely adore about Hunter is how he so easily makes friends and how important they become to him. He has an old soul. ; )

Happy Kansas Day to you all. : )

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Sarah said...

I have never heard of Kansas Day and I am super curious. Please share.