09 January 2012

Happy Birthday Hunter and Anton

Hunter at his preschool party. 
Yesterday Hunter turned 4 and my husband turned 30. My poor husband gets left out on his birthday now since he shares it with Hunter. He didn't have much of a celebration for such an important birthday. We are taking a date night next Friday to try to celebrate his Birthday. 

All his buddies at pump it up
Hunter as always has a fantastic Birthday. Thursday he had a party at his preschool which was perfectly adorable. He loved having his turn being the center of attention. He has been asking when it would be his turn for his birthday thinking that we were just leaving him out. 

 I love how easily excited Hunter gets. Almost all of his buddies got to go to his party. Before the party Hunter would list off all his friends that he wanted to come, then after his party Hunter would tell me all who was there over and over. The kids all had a good hour and a half running, climbing, bouncing, and going down slides. Mommie and Lorelei even went down the slide a couple of times.
The cake. We had Thomas, James, and Percy cookies as well.
Hunter's man request for his birthday was that he had a Thomas cake. He was so thrilled with his cake.

Getting ready to blow out the candles
After plenty of Jumping we all went to the Party room where Hunter got a great opportunity to be the center of attention. He absolutely loved everyone singing him Happy Birthday. His pure bliss face always makes his parties worth it!

Everyone was so generous in giving Hunter fantastic presents. He got lots of Thomas and Friends, Lightening McQueen, and Dinosaur Train stuff which made Hunter enthusiastically thrilled. We got him his Party and one small train as his present. I think he is definitely pleased with having a party instead of a bunch of presents from Mom and Dad.

"Thank you everybody!"
Sunday was actually Hunter's and Tony's birthday. We had a nice relaxing lunch at Papa's with cake that Hunter and Mommie made together. We blew out candles four times since Hunter and Tony thought it was so much fun. Then we opened presents from family. I think the kid is spoiled. At least Hunter remains a thoughtful sweet little boy. 
Anton remains an amazing father and wonderful husband. 

Happy Birthday to my two most important men!!!

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Chelley N said...

Hunter is getting so big! Happy birthday Hunter and Tony! :-)