29 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hunter's preschool party. Hunter too focused on the food to smile. 
As much as my husband hates the holidays I love them even more. We had a lot of holiday celebrations for Thanksgiving. 

We had Hunter's preschool party which he thought was for him. Long story...: )

Lorelei thinking she rules the school  

Just chillin' in the cuby's

Benny and Hunter being mad men
Hunter's best buddy Benny and sweet mama Reilly came for a visit and as you can tell had a blast.

If you only knew how many pictures I took to get this

Hunter attacking Lorelei as usual. 
Then we went to San Antonio for Thanksmas!
"Christmas for me"

"Thanksmas" at Aunt Terra's

Puppy Love

Pass out time

Hunter can SLEEP

Lorelei up for more food. The girl can eat!

Nite Nite

The Great Race

So I am way behind on my blogging. I really don't have an excuse except procrastination. 
Hunter's Preschool for their fund raiser does a great race. 

My Hunter was so ecstatic. He was so worried about not winning the race that he kept making me make practice rounds at the house. I didn't tell him not to worry that all the kids would get a medal. 

My kid has a bit of his momma's competitiveness in him. He woke up the morning of the race and said I am going to win!

When Hunter got his medal he was thrilled with himself. : )

Afterwards we all celebrated with pizza and a little singing and dancing. 

13 November 2011

Kid's Fest 2011

Enthralled by the trains as usual
We were watching our Saturday morning cartoons and I saw a commercial for Kid's Fest. Kid's got in free with a can good. I figured why not, so I called my girlfriend Charity who is great at appeasing me with my hey why not moments.The kiddos got in free with can goods for the food bank, so really it was charity not a splurge. jk : )

Yeah Super Why
We watched trains, went down a 20' slide, watched trains, did a 60' obstacle course, watched trains, went in the bounce house, watched trains, looked at the bug lady's snakes and creepy crawlers, watched trains, fed animals in the petting zoo, watched trains, got a whole bunch of freebies, watched trains, saw Hunter's favorite PBS Characters, watched trains, watched a magic show, watched trains and...oh and watched trains again. Sense a theme. : ) Hunter and Judah are definitely enamored with their trains.

Hunter just wanted to stay and hug curious George. It melted my heart. 
Lorelei is quickly leaving her baby stage and wanting to be more active in everything we do. It is a blast watching her develop her own little personality. Poor thing passed out in my arms on the way to the car. Course I felt like I was going to pass out myself by the time we were done. : )

Promptly when we got home my Grandma called to see if I stayed home and relaxed Saturday like I promised I would. Seriously she has a sixth sense. So I got in trouble, but seriously she is 78 and still works 13 hour days and throws party's and has to volunteer for everything. Where does she think I get the want to be moving gene?  Besides my gene drastically pales in comparison to hers. 

Word Girl

It's Clifford!

Lorelei trying to feed the pony

The jester has nothing on us. 

11 November 2011

Top Gun

My little boy is growing up. Getting to shoot his first bee bee gun. I was a little like the mother off the Christmas Story at first. A little too overprotective and worried, but luckily I trusted my husband and let him have this precious father son moment. It is so amazing watching my son grow into such a wonderful little man.

Lorelei eager for her turn


Lorelei's Birthday

Over a month later and I am finally posting about Lorelei's birthday party. 
The week of the party Lorelei, Hunter, and I all get the stomach bug. 
Thankfully my Sister in law stepped in an pretty much did all the decorating and baking. 

So we planned on having the party outside and 30 minutes before the party it started raining, so we were on the mad dash to bring everything inside pronto!

I was worried at first because our small little birthday party had well 60 people coming and we had to move it inside.
Yes I have an issue with refraining from inviting people. 
I am a more the merrier type of person for sure!
That was even with me finding invitations that never got mailed the day after the party. 
Sorry to yall I honestly wanted you there. 

Luckily we had a break in the weather long enough to party our hearts out. 

We had the bounce house. We had pumpkin painting. We had a billion of edible goodies. We had bubbles stations. We had bowling. We had sidewalk art. We even had a pinata that we never even got to!

Boredom was not going to be an issue at this party. : )

Lorelei after painting her pumpkin. 

Both of my children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Which was completely my goal, so as long as that happens I am a happy camper. 

Lorelei stared at the crowd for a good minute when we sat her in front of the cake. 
"Why in the world are 60 circling me and staring at me"

Luckily the princess got over it and dug in. After several protests from Hunter worried about Lorelei getting dirty, Lorelei finally convinced him to try it. 

With everything going on I completely forgot about the pinata. By the time we got to opening presents I was completely exhausted and ready to pass out. The kids were still having the time of their lives so we continued. 

The one difficulty about inviting so many people is it seems that you don't get the opportunity to really to speak with everyone. Course it was a blessing having everyone celebrate with our beautiful daughter's life with us.

Our rule of thumb is that our children open their gifts from us after the party when we all are exhausted and slowly cleaning up while eating more food even though we are completely stuffed.
Just a calm relaxing reveling in our day and love for each other.