20 September 2011

Our lil monkey

Sorry for the blurry pix since it is a phone pix.
This is a picture of Lorelei scaling up the slide at the mall. She is such a climber. Just a little proof of how much of a monkey she is. : ) 

19 September 2011

Lorelei's 11 Month Pictures

I can hardly believe that in less than a month Lorelei will be one! She is leaving the baby stage quickly and rapidly approaching the toddler stage. 

Today after pictures Lorelei would take 5 sequential steps in the mall play area. 

She also has become and expert climber. She would scale the slide all the way to the top. 

Also Lorelei has figured out how to push things around to climb on them to get onto things. 

She is intensely infatuated with Hunter ride on bulldozer. 

Lorelei is a fantastic waver and says hi and bye bye. 

She can also do the motions to the song Open them Shut them. 

Along with following her brother's every move Lorelei absolutely loves to eat. 

My sweet baby girl growing up so quickly!

16 September 2011

Hunter's first field trip

This Thursday was Hunter's first class field trip ever. I think I was more excited than he was. As hard as it is watching my sweet little boy growing up I am so proud of how confident and independent he is becoming. 
An Attempt to take a class picture

Running from the tiger. 
Going to the zoo with a bunch of three year-olds is definitely work. It was such a pleasure watching my son interacting with his peers. For the most part Hunter could care less if I was there or not. He was just in pure joy to be hanging with his friends. I know I made the right decision having Hunter start preschool now.

Another attempt at a class picture
I feel like a little kid being the newbie mom to the mother of a school age child. I am in charge of snacks next Thursday for the class. I am excited. Seriously?! Excited to bring a snack?! I am such a nerd. : )

All of the boys in Hunter's class
I just want to help Hunter as much as possible to continue to thrive in healthy peer relationships and learning. He is such a "perfect" little boy. I want to do all I possible can as a mother for Hunter. Hopefully he isn't in rehab in 30 years blaming all his issues on me. : )
Lorelei Happy watching the monkeys/preschoolers

Back From The Shop

My Computer is Back at home and the world is right. Hopefully you will be hearing from me more. : )