30 July 2011

Wild Alphabet Hunt!

My son is obsessed with letters. While I was perusing party ideas on pintrest. I found this great idea.
I already had another activity in mind in which I needed the outline of letters, so I cut them out quick.

Too high mommie!
I taped the letters around the yard while my Hubby was still home, so Hunter would be completely surprised.
I even made a piece of paper with the lower case letters on it for Hunter to cross them off as he found the letters. Hunter tossed the cumbersome clipboard aside and chased those wild letters down!

I thought it was absolutely hilarious how excited he would get each time he found a letter. 

He would trace the letter with his finger and shout the name.

I had to chase him around while dragging Lorelei along. He was all top speed afraid that the letters might escape him if he moved too slowly. 

He begged to continue the game. Since it was already 100 we went around rounded up those rowdy letters and hid them again inside. 

He would go close his eyes in his room while I laid them around the house and he would come running out with glee looking for the letters.

Tracing each letter with his finger
It so totally rocks when your kids appreciate something you do! Not all projects and ideas lead to positive results. Course my children are pretty amazing, so it is worth every minute of it. (Course easy to say as they are both napping as I write this. hehe)

I have a feeling we are going to play this game many more times! I  am going to use it for a party as well. Course for the party it will be all pretty and all that awesomeness. 

 Remember don't throw away the surrounding paper of the letters. I have a fun game to use them with!
Gee should we continue inside
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29 July 2011

Aww My Hubby Loves Me

Jack and The Beanstalk Craft

Several months ago the Library group did a Jack and the bean stalk day and we did this fun craft. 
It is really simple. You take a super cheap paper plate. 

Then you cut it into a spiral.

You let your child glue pieces of scrap tissue and paper. 

Lorelei is always in the middle of it. That cute ornery girl!
You realize you other child wants to help. 

And you give Miss Lorelei the job of tearing more tissue paper. 

Lorelei is an expert at tearing up tissue. 

punch a hole in the middle and tie a string. 
Then Viola you have a springing beanstalk, or snake, or a dream spinner. Hunter's isn't perfect, but it is beautiful since he created it. Hunter isn't much into crafty stuff, but he loves this one since it is springy and he can use glue. I think over the course of 6 months we have probably done this craft ten times. Shoot it is super cheap and easy and Hunter is completely thrilled!

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Things I wish someone would hurry up and invent

Yes that is my pillow case in the freezer
It has been over 100 for 28 days now I believe. When I sleep the only part of me that gets too hot really is my head (insert hot head joke here). I have had to resort to this method to survive for the summer. If you would like to try sticking the pillow case in the freezer there are a couple things to keep in mind. Don't forget the case. It gets a little to cold and stiff. Also make sure you don't have any odors in your freezer cause you will be stuck sniffing it all night and there is no flipping to get rid of the smell.

Anyways here are some things I wish they would hurry up and invent!
  • Air conditioned pillows. Cool like the other side of the pillow only works for like 3 flips and then both sides are too warm
  • a way to call my keys. Seriously, I must lose my keys at least once a day!
  • a shock collar for kids. just joking. Well kind of...
  • Scratch and sniff TV and computer monitors. I mean you watch all these cooking shows and they tell you it smells good, but I want to know for myself. (Especially when they give that having to fake it face because they wanna gag)
  • Car cup holder coolers so when you run an errand you come back and your cup is still icy cool. (I am sure some luxury car has it out there, but it needs to be in the typical vehicle to count right)
  • Memory conversion system. A way to just think a memory and it comes out in a beautiful scrapbook!
  • Pause button. Sometimes something happens so quickly I just need to be able to pause and call my husband for a quick smart butt response. (course it probably better that I don't have that ability)
  • A dashboard for all my social media. You feel like you need to be apart of each one so you don't get left out, but it is starting to become a work out just to keep up!

28 July 2011

How to make a Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern
This is my first tutorial and my first paper lantern I have made. That is my only warning. : )
I saw these pretties on pintrest (my new obsession) I knew I wanted to learn how to make some to use for Lorelei's up coming birthday. I used scrap scrapbook paper I had, so the result isn't too bad with completely uncoordinated paper.
Get your special circle cutter out
You can do circles of any size. I think next time I will do some smaller ones.

First you cut 20 circles of the same size. (I would suggest using more coordinating paper)

Cut out 20 circles
Fold in a triangle
Then fold the circles the circles into equilateral triangles.
Have 20 of these
Pop the folds out just a bit.

Glue together. Note Start with a Circle of 5 not four
-Tape or glue the circles together making a bowl of five. (yes I know this is a bowl of four. I am no Super Mom I was experimenting while chasing two mobile kiddos and by the time I figured out I should use five I forgot to take a picture. Excuses.. Excuses..)

-Once you have your bowl of five make a ring of ten then attach another bowl of five. This sounds confusing, but when you put it together it will just fall in place. 

-Before you completely close it tape securely a pretty ribbon to hang your gorgeous lantern with (I used cooking twine since I was just experimenting.)

Tape and Glue string inside lantern
And Viola you did something crafty! Now I am off to buy some paper that will actually go together. Lorelei's Party is going to be sooo cute!

Hang and enjoy


Lorelei is quickly leaving her baby stage and growing closer and closer to the toddler stage. I am so not ready. Time flies by too quickly!
Not to mention I will really have my hands full. 

27 July 2011

Elephant Tail

My son just came running from the bathroom saying "look mommie I have an elephant tail!" He then turned to show me the strip of toilet paper hanging from his butt cheeks.
I just about peed my pants.

Oh Snap!

On the Hunt to find some toys
Today is Wednesday. Hunter had a low fever yesterday and a low fever today. I asked him what part of his body doesn't feel well and Hunter just responds with his cheek. I keep trying to get him to let me look at it and he absolutely refuses. I figured to be safe I will have him stay home this morning from the pool. His fever is gone now and he acts perfectly fine. Kids are so weird. Anyways to the real point of my story. Hunter is getting ready to start preschool in less than a month. *Tear* 
I haven't even begun to work with him on scissor skills. (I know I am a slacker mom) I was reading here that using tongs help develop coordination for scissor skills.

Side view of Bowl
I figured hey playing with tongs couldn't hurt. Hunter has also been playing a Curious George game on PBSKids.org that deals with sinking and floating and he is completely enthralled by it. I figured combine the two and I got a good thing going.

Using Anton's tongs
I let Hunter pick out what he wanted to sink and float and would just make him get the mommie seal of approval. I then showed him how to use the tongs and would ask him before he dropped them in if he thought they would sink and float. He did well! Also I didn't realize he was going to be doing it for over an hour.

"I am going to snap you"
Every time Hunter grabbed a toy he would go "Oh Snap". Seriously, where on earth did he get that from?

Hmm will it sink or float?
When he emptied his bucket he would put the toys back in the bucket to "save them" from the shark in the Ocean bowl.

Oh snap
He had no qualms about sending his toys repeatedly back to the sharks. I guess Hunter knew he would save them every time.

He then began pretending that they were all going to swim in the pool and ride on whales. Kids imaginations rock!

Look at those stickers straight. My child is ANAL
He begrudgingly did a chart with me. I don't think the numbers are accurate, but he said he had to get back to the pool.
Can I play MOM?
Course Lorelei wanted in on the action for every second of it.

Oh Yeah
Solution Lorelei got her own cup with a teaspoon/5mL of water. She was completely happy and occupied.

If only my laundry was this cute all the time!

I see a pile of clothes on the floor. 

 I hear giggling!
It must me my two are up to something again. They are just so cute they can get away with soooo much!

26 July 2011

Mugabe and The White African

It has been 8 years since I have been to Zimbabwe the last time. The last time I went I spent the first two weeks people from my church to help support this and the last 6 weeks I stayed alone.  
It has always kept part of my heart with it the last time I left. I had forgotten how much the it meant to me until I watched Mugabe and the White African tonight. 
It only showed a small aspect of the brutality and oppression Mugabe has placed on Zimbabwe, but it did pierce my heart. 

I had left Zimbabwe believing I would start a non-profit organization called Tsi-Tsi (which translates to mercy)
I have done nothing. 

Some of people I loved and left are still there and in a much desperate situation than I left them. A couple that I had grown to love didn't even live to see me leave. 

I urge you to watch this documentary to get a small glimpse of one type of  the oppression the people of Zimbabwe are having to endure.