28 May 2011

Happy Anniversary!

It has now been over 6 years since Anton and I made the walk down the aisle. I love you husband and I am so glad that you are the one I am going to grow old with. 
We will be the wrinkly ornery couple tripping people and making fun of them together. : )

25 May 2011

Mommie got get Lorelei!

"Lorelei Tunnel Time!"
Hunter has been increasingly interested in playing with Lorelei the more interactive she becomes. Last night he got her to start kind of crawling by making her chase a dog bone. I about died laughing that it took a dog bone to get her to crawl.
Hunter loves dragging Lorelei under his bed with him for tunnel time. I finally convinced him to use the actual tunnel to prevent her from getting more rug burns.
The amazing thing is she loves Hunter dragging her around, sitting her up, laying her down, and rolling her around.  
I used to worry so much about him treating her like a rag doll, but now when he is to rough Lorelei pinches him and Hunter normally is the one crying. She pulled out an actual clump of Hunter's hair today. He didn't flinch I guess since she does it so often now. (I should have taken a picture it was so much hair!) 
She also absolutely loves to be picked up by her feet and hang upside down. Who would think such a thing? She is definitely going to be a little dare devil! 

Hunter has also become incredibly protective of her. He makes sure Lorelei does not play with inappropriate things, that her diaper is changed properly, that she doesn't stick stuff in her mouth, and that non- Hunter approved people can not touch her. Frequently Hunter thinks I am the only one allowed to hold her especially if she fusses while someone else holds her. 

I started laying Lorelei in her crib at night while she is awake and let her cry herself to sleep. I have never let her cry more than 5 min. Now I lay her down she probably cries for 10 seconds and is out asleep. Hunter on the other hand is crying for at least 15 min. 
"Mommie got get Lorelei she cryin'! Mommie go get her! Mommie she awake! No Mommie be nice to Lorelei! Lorelei your K!" 
If I take my eyes off of Hunter he will crawl in the crib next to her and kiss on her and essentially wake her back up. Hunter makes my heart break. He gives me this look like I am the most cruel person ever and how could I do this to his precious sister.
Last night I sat down with Hunter and asked him :
"Have I been a nice and good Mommie to you?" 
"Do I take good care of you, Hunter?"
"So don't you think I am a good Mommie to Lorelei as well and I would make sure that she is okay."
"Well Mommie you need to just go get Lorelei."

At least Lorelei has a little determined protector!

24 May 2011


"Daddy stop that or I will fart in  your face!"

23 May 2011


Hot Lorelei at the Zoo
After we got home from the Zoo today I had Lorelei playing on the floor. I had to leave the room to wipe my son's butt. When I didn't come while she was crying she stopped crying for a second then clear as day said Mama. When I came running in the room to see her she was more than thrilled with herself. No repeats yet, but I am so happy and very shocked!


Petting the Kangaroo
Hunter has made a new friend Johnie that he met at My Gym. It is so nice for Hunter to have a male friend close to his age that actually lives close and not in South Texas. (Miss you Benny!) Kristi (My new friend) had a groupon and I had tokens left over from going previously with "Megan.. Abby.. Friend", so we got to go with no new money spent. 

Hunter feeding the Lorikeets
I still am amazed every time we go how close and personal you can get with the animals. I don't have a picture but a Giraffe licked my face and kept sniffing my ear. Hunter was ecstatic about feeding the birds. I couldn't convince him into the Giraffes this time. Sometimes he is game and sometimes not so much.

Feeding more Lorikeets

Lorelei trying to get on the action
As much of a sweaty mess Lorelei was she was such a good baby. She loved watching the animals which included Johnie and Hunter.

Hunter and Johnie talking to the Lemurs after feeding them. 
Hunter always has fun when I take him to do things, but I am no competition for his buddy Johnie.

Grampa Meets Lorelei

Because you whined. LOL

21 May 2011

Little Blue Engine that Could.

I was pleasantly surprised by the museum. I had only expected  for two things outside to look at and I assumed there would be no touching allowed. 
It looks like the museum must be part of a train station not in use anymore. All the trains were on tracks and all of them you could climb on and go inside. To top it off it was next to active tracks. A train went by   
every fifteen minutes. The trains were close enough if  you waved the engineers would wave back and blow the whistle. Also close enough if I needed to pick out an engineer in a line up I could have done it no problem.  

Elated that another train is coming.
Hunter was so thrilled to be on or in a train while watching the trains pass. He loved how the trains we were on would sway as the other trains passed us.

I think if I would have packed us a lunch we would have literally spent all day there. We were there for over three hours and he was still in pure bliss. 

Hmm which train next. It is only my fourth time around.
We actually walked down to leave once cause he said that he was starving, but as we were almost out the door he said he could hold his hunger to say bye to the trains one more time. We were there for another 45 minutes.

"Mom this is NOT THOMAS. It is the little blue engine!"

Climbing the trains like a pro!

Waving at the passing trains.

"Now this train is too big to put in my mouth!"
I was amazed how much Lorelei seemed to enjoy herself. Since Lorelei has been exposed to trains from 3 hours old she has grown quite fond of them. If you lay out an array of toys in front of her she will almost always go for the train.

Two loving siblings in a caboose.
I am glad how fond my children are of each other most of the time. A sibling relationship is not something to take for granted!

Hunter also enjoyed just walking up and down the tracks. Lorelei sat in the grass in the shade (mommy mistake I forgot sunscreen) while Hunter would go to the end of the line and back. He absolutely loved this independence. Course he kept turning around to make sure he could still see us.

I made it in a picture! Hunter too busy checking out train to smile. : )
Hunter finally got so hungry he couldn't stand it, but he stuck that big ole lip out all the way to the car cause he thought I could magically make food appear to eat in the train. Next time I guess a sack lunch is in order. : )  Hunter is already begging me to bring him back when his cousin Benny comes to visit. I guess I will have to see what we can arrange. : )

Pout as we left. Look at that lower lip about to drag on the ground.


 If you know my son at all you are well aware that he absolutely obsessed with trains. When I began as a stay at home mom this January I googled local things to do in the area. I have lived here all my life and I had never heard of the Transportation Museum until now. I knew I had to keep this in mind for warmer weather. Spur of the moment today I decided it was a great time to surprise Hunter and Lorelei is always game to tag along.
Conductor in training.

What a view. 

Right at home
I loved this train.
I took so many pictures that I am going to do a couple of posts to get them on the blog. 

Hunter was in pure elation when he saw the trains. I loved how he was allowed to climb on and in the trains. 

Hunter so excited to be in an actual train. 

All aboard. 

My kiddos breakin' it down

Mmm cupcake
It was my first time taking both my kiddos to a wedding. I also did it by myself so I am quite proud. Hunter was not so sure about the wedding. I thought it would be a great idea to sit in the back; however, Hunter was very upset that he could not see. That caused a little bit of a child control problem.  
Immediately right after the wedding they passed out cookies, so Hunter was a little more interested in this wedding thing. 
I wish I would have gotten pictures of the petal toss afterwards. People were tossing the petals and Hunter was running around and picking them up, putting them back in a cone and handing them to me. He was so proud of himself. Too cute. 
When we arrived at the reception they had a whole sweet table. It had suckers, cupcakes, laffy taffy, rock candy, m&m's, and much more. Hunter was now officially convinced this wedding was worth attending.

Lorelei as pretty as ever
Lorelei loved being held by everyone at the wedding. I think she looked absolutely adorable and I am pretty sure she knew she was cute.

Let's get this party started
When Hunter heard the music start he was set. He tried to grab anyone near by to dance. He danced for a solid hour and a half and was still going past 10:00pm when I convinced him we should head home. I wish I would have been able to have gotten a picture of Lorelei dancing with me. Her face was pure elation even past ten. Maybe for a birthday party this next time around I should just put on some music and let them dance.

Trying to cut in

Buddy your a lil too young to bring a garter home

Let's dance the night away!