25 March 2011

We Heart Library!

We are so blessed to have such a nice public library close to home. They do so many wonderful free activities for children. We typically go to story time once a week for songs, games, stories, and crafts.
It is bitter sweet watching my little man sit on the front row all grown up interacting with the teacher. (Hunter tends to always sit by teachers in whatever we are doing.)
Lorelei engages so well in story time now. She sits and kicks her legs and giggles.

I think she is so cute in her bee outfit Aunt Whit got and She loves this buggy blanket Miss Tess made. 

I can hardly get my former photo bug to look at the camera anymore.
When we are at the library Hunter could care less about books it is all toys, blocks, computer games, and puzzles. (The puzzles don't hold his attention as long anymore since they only have one Jigsaw puzzle and it is only a 12 piece.) So I let Hunter have at it, plop Lorelei on the floor with some toys from home, and I peruse the children's books.
 I absolutely love children's books, it reminds me of my Granny Turner reading to me as a child. An excellent children's book enjoyed by my children gives me so much joy. This would be why I literally read to Hunter and Lorelei 2 hours a day. An hour before nap and an hour before bed. The time is partially due to hunter pulls out 15 books to read each time.Tony cuts us off if we go too long. lol Course the past couple nights I fell asleep while reading oops.

You know it is getting serious when he gets his tongue a working.
Once we get home from the Library Hunter begs to look through the bag. His face is like Christmas when he gets to see what books we will read for the week. Then we read them about tens times each through the week before we get a new set. I like how you can get the feel of what books your child will love with out spending money at first and if Hunter struggles to part with a book it goes on the purchase list. 

I hope E Readers don't phase out children's books as they expect to with traditional books. I love watching Lorelei chewing on the pages and Hunter turning the pages. I plan to keep all of their children's books in case they are no longer around in print form when they have their children. Yes I write them little notes in most of their books. I do not want my babies to forget how much I love them!

As happy as can be hanging in the library.


I am currently working on starting Lorelei on her vegetables. I am strict about staying to the 3 to 5 day rule in between new foods and put all her start dates on a calendar. I am also really strict about no eggs, milk or milk products, peanuts, strawberries, and Honey till they are one and two for others. So when I do things like this it may surprise people, but pickles are an important vegetable right?! I also am sticking to the 3 to 5 day rule with pickles. (I asked the doctor with Hunter and Lorelei and she said it is perfectly fine she is just surprised to hear of babies that like pickles.)
So far Lorelei has eaten rice cereal, baby mum mums, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, and pickles. (oh and two french fries. shhh) 
Not too surprisingly she loves pickles! She is officially a Hayes. : ) 
What does surprise me when it comes to traditional baby food is that peas and green beans are her favorite. She hasn't disliked anything yet even the apple pie someone at work gave her a bite of and I quickly bit off their head. (Seriously don't feed other peoples babies with out asking! You don't know what they are allergic to hence the 3-5 day rule. Tangent sorry..)

I know once I tell her Papa she can have pickles she is going to be having one every day. : )
Mmm pickles and rice!

How can I put this whole thing in my mouth?

Not quite! 

18 March 2011

Let your light shine.

As I was busy taking care of things I was letting Hunter play with Miss Lorelei. At first I wasn't paying attention and then I heard Hunter say " Make a Bushel Lorelei and say no" Then he would sing the song and she would giggle. Hunter considered it serious work teaching Lorelei the first song he learned. It was adorable! Hunter would do the motions before he could speak. I think Hunter has Lorelei on the path as well.
Trying to show Lorelei how to hide her finger in the bushel.

Showing Lorelei his light. (Yes he just ate a green cupcake.lol)
When I realized what he was doing I plopped Lorelei in his lap to make it easier for Hunter. He struggled with her getting her light out, but he made sure to show his. It struck me that not only was he teaching Lorelei the song he was also truly letting his light shine.

17 March 2011

We had visitor's who left a tinge of green!

A little mystery was left for us when we awoke.

We woke up to prints of green.
Pinch that cutie
Our milk turned green. Our rooms were thrown in a disarray.
(Hunter didn't even notice the disarray. lol)
Treasures in our Shoes
Special treats and note!
(Lucky wrote the note at 3 am so it may be a little cheesy)
Yes! All signs point to Lucky the Leprechaun gave us a visit

Lorelei digging into her goodies right away.
Don't worry Lorelei will be putting on her green very soon! She loves the mum mums and the rainbow teether the leprechauns gave her. I know she will appreciate the sunscreen. Poor cherry burned baby.

Hunter saying "thank you 'chauns" (notice the green icing on his face.)
Previous years the leprechauns normally just gave him green things, but since St. Patrick's day color originally was blue they made the exception for Thomas toys. Hunter was thrilled that the " 'chauns" as he says laid him an egg. lol. I think he was most thrilled with the foot prints all over the house. Luckily they dried quickly because he has been walking on them like a trail. He also thinks the green milk is pretty cool. Hopefully he will like the rest of the food Lucky died green today and maybe he will find the pot of gold. Lorelei well she will be excited next year. 

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Happy Days!


Down to serious beezness

Love that squash
I am so lucky to have two beautiful children that absolutely love life and a wonderful husband who makes life so much fun.

16 March 2011

Last Japanese Surprise!

Japanese Snacks

Trying to get Hunter to cooperate for a picture.
Hunter's and Lorelei's Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike just got back from a four year tour in Japan. During those four years they sent many unique Japanese surprises for the kiddos. Hunter gets so excited every time he gets something new. These last snacks are so cute I hardly want to open them, but a picture will do. I don't want them to go bad before Hunter can enjoy them. 

We are so glad the Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike are safe in the states in lieu of the tragedies that recently occurred in Japan.. Our prayers go out to everyone in Japan. 

We want to thank Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike for all the creative ways you spoil our kiddos and we treasure all of our Japanese Surprises.  Thank You!

15 March 2011

Sunday School

He used to get a little teary eyed every time I dropped him off. 
I have entered the realm of Sunday School teaching. I was incredibly nervous at first, but I absolutely love it. When we are full we have 10-12 little two to three year old boys that are perfectly adorable. (Luckily I have a classroom helper!) It has been such a gift to see how excited the majority of the little boys are about learning and participating. Our Unit memory verse is " Our Lord is Great and Very Powerful". They have little hand movements that they do when saying the verse. Hunter has been walking around the house saying "great and towerful" while doing the movements. We are still working on the rest of the verse for him and he is so adorable. 

Hunter is also pretty shy about singing if in front of people, but he has finally started singing all the words with the other little boys. It sure can get pretty loud when all the boys start singing. When our class starts singing all the other classes move to shut their doors. Ooops. At least while I am telling the bible story they are quiet... well most of the time. I am also shocked how well the answer the review questions after the story. I seriously look forward to next Sunday when I get to teach again and see all the cuties again.(My story would change I am sure if I didn't have a helper!)

Who is this Jesus Guy?

So one of my student's in my 2-3 year old class asked me "Who is this Jesus Guy anyways?' so I asked him if he knew who God was and he said no. I know all of the kids in the class have been learning about God, but it didn't occur to me that they didn't really know who God was. Does anyone have a good literal explanation for 2-3 year olds, since abstract thought is a little advanced for them? I went with God created the world and Jesus is his son and they both take care of us. I think I might need a better explanation to start the beginning of class with next Sunday. So please post Suggestions. Remember I have a class of about 10 to 12 two to three year old boys. Yes they are all boys!

09 March 2011

Lorelei's 5 month pictures.

I can hardly believe my Lorelei is 5 months. Both my children are growing so fast. Lorelei pulled up on her knees yesterday. She is no longer a tiny little thing. We all are so blessed to have her happy giggling spirit in our lives.
My two Beautiful Children!
These two love each other!
So Sweet!
Makes me want to pinch her cheeks!
Hunter absolutely treasures Lorelei. 
It brings me so much joy to see how much they love each other.
Those eyes are just breath taking!
We couldn't get her to chew on her feet long enough to get the picture. 
Her little praying hands. She does this at night when Hunter prays. So perfect.
So serious.

Look at her lil pout. 
She gives this look all the time. I love it. 
Just makes me so Happy. 
I absolutely love how happy she is. She is just a ball full of Joy!
I wish I would have gotten this collage. 

07 March 2011

Puppy Love

Chance just letting Lorelei tug away.
Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike came back from Japan and are moving to the states. I slacked on the picture taking and almost all the pictures of them with the kiddos is with Hunter in his underwear, so those pictures probably won't make the blog. Since they are moving back they brought their "doggies" and are staying at Papa's house for a couple of months. 
Lorelei has been incredibly sick with a stomach bug which led to an awful diaper rash. She was pretty much inconsolable. Luckily Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike left behind great therapy. Chance. He would just let her lay on him. She could tug and pull on his hair and he didn't even flinch. It was the only thing that brought her and us peace while she has been sick. I think Lorelei fell in love. : )

Moo, Zoo, Boo, and Choo- Choo

Every night before bed the children and I read books then pray. Last night Lorelei conked out early, so Hunter and I were left. Hunter took the book peek-a-who. He started spelling the words and then would say what the word was. He would get so proud of himself and of course being the overly proud mother of her children I was beside myself proud. I don't know if all the scholars out there would consider that reading, but this mother scholar says its a great start! Good Job Hunter Dude!