17 February 2011

My lil fish is growing up!

Hunter absolutely loves going swimming. Hunter, Lorelei, and I go to the indoor water park at the YMCA at least once a week if not twice to swim. (Great way to burn of energy in the Winter!)
My father-in-law finally convinced me to sign Hunter up for swimming lessons. I signed him up for a Mommie and me class, but they moved him to a preschool class since no one else signed up for the Mommie and me class. I was fearful how he would do on his own. 

He loves it! He loves playing with the children and loves having some independence. 
I also think he loves swimming before and after class with just Mommie and with out Lorelei so he can actually go in the deep end and play on the snake. Soon my little fish will be swimming on his own...
I think it is too cute when little kids hold hands.

Dreaming about the slide

still staring at the slide!

Rice Baby

We started Miss Lorelei on Rice Cereal. Man is she a little oinker. You have to make sure you are super quick with loading the spoon up or she will let you know you are slacking on the job! As long as you keep it coming she will just coo and coo while she is enjoying her new taste of food. I love this precious girl! Course somehow when Daddie feeds her she gets it in her ears and nose. Really?! hehe. Life is Good!

16 February 2011


As you can tell I love getting my /children's pictures taken and taking pictures myself. Normally I take the kiddos to get their pictures done by myself. This is not an easy task! Here are just a few of our bloopers
"Hunter Look at the Camera"

"Hunter Smile with your tongue in your mouth!"

"Lorelei stop eating the Lady bug ...Hunter sit down!"

"Hunter sit on your butt...Lorelei Look at the camera"

"Lorelei stop rolling"

"Shhh Shh. We almost done"

" Hunter... Hunter Smile"

"Hunter we are almost done look at the camera and smile"

"Hunter Hug the monkey not throw it!"

" Hunter... Hunter... HUNTER!!!!"

"Get your finger out of your nose!"


"Shh shh we are almost done"

"Lorelei Stop trying to dive off... Hunter don't drive off with the stroller!! Hunter...HUNTER!..Ok I am DONE!"
Sometimes I am amazed we get any good pictures at all, but we always seem to. By the time I come home I am exhausted, but so glad I spent the ridiculous amount of money and time. : )

My two beautiful babies.

Sweet Babies!

Hunter loving on his sissy

I could not for the life of me get a good picture of the two of them in these outfits!

Hunter's 3 year pictures!

Hunter with his McQueen Shoes!

His smiles melt my heart!

My lil Man!

Such a flirt

My Lil Monkey

Growing up too fast!

Hunter loves his Monkey Jammies

Hunter's sock Monkey from Granny Di

Lorelei 4 Month Pix

I like her lil bloomers showing!

Sweet Smile

I love her sniffing the rose. (Actually this is right before she tries to eat it.)

My lil Ladybug!

Lorelei with the ladybug Hunter got her for Christmas.

Look at those eyes!

Date Night

It has been way too long since date night! Well since before Hunter was born. We decided to finally take advantage of a wonderful babysitter from church and have an official date night. It was so worth it! We had a beautiful dinner at Yia Yia's and stopped by Cocoa Dolche for some amazing chocolates with out having two children tugging us in different directions. I felt like we were dating again with out the fear of him not liking me.
We had so much fun we decided that date night needed to come around a lot more frequently!

15 February 2011

Bloody Valentine!

Hunter learning how to do somersaults while balancing. 

Hunter looks forward to his My Gym class every Monday. Every week they rearrange the gym to make it continually intriguing for the children. 
Hunter loved the ladder over the ball pits. He got so excited he leaped before he was to the opening and gave himself a bloody nose and a fat lip. I pulled him out so we could clean the blood of him and get his nose to stop bleeding. Hunter was so angry with me that I made him get out of the ball pit. He wanted to keep playing even though blood was going everywhere.  

As soon as we cleaned the blood up he was right back on the ladder.  His poor little nose kept bleeding periodically through class and his little lip swelled up like a melon, but he was more concerned with potentially missing out than the pain. 
My little warrior. : ) 

Games... Games... Games...

ooo ooo pig!

As hard as it is to watch how quickly my children grow it is a blast at the same time.
One of Hunter's new favorite things to do now is play board games. Our life is Thomas Uno, Super why, Old Mac Donald, and Candy Land. He is such a bright little boy while having such a fun and loving spirit.

Hunter loves announcing who's turn it is and when he gets excited about his move he throws his hands in the air and says ooo ooo. Too cute!

I have fond memories playing games with my Brown grandparent's, so it is pure joy to play games with my own children.