25 January 2011

Christmas Eve

It may be out of order, but I wanted to post all of our Holidays. For Christmas Eve we went to my grandparents house who Hunter calls gamma and gampa Turner.

Hunter was either mesmerized by the train or running around circles chasing Ashley and Austin. Lorelei once again was as happy as could be being passed around.

My Grandpa Romauldo was as chipper as ever and My Gramma Jeannie was running around as always.

I switched roles this year. I always remember the meal being such a boring part of the holiday and wanting to skip dinner and go right to presents. My poor son could barely drag Anton and me away from the dinner table. Anton smoked a ham. Yumm. Who could walk away from that and my grandma made tons of delicious sides and then bought a whole bunch of desserts from La Gallette. I think I gained 5 lbs that night.

Casebolt Christmas 2010

As always we had a packed Christmas with lots of family. As exhausting as it is we enjoy ourselves. The poor Hunter Dude was so exhausted from Christmas morning and having no nap it took him a while to warm up at Pappy and Granny Tigers. Once he did he had a lot of fun playing with his Cousins.

Lorelei loved being passed around course Brett and Brennon hogged her most of the time. Lorelei didn't mind one bit.

Anton won the money bag game again this year with a whooping $43 and some change.
I didn't bring my game this year. I got mainly nickels and Hunter almost got as much as I did.

That will be a tradition we will have to keep alive.

24 January 2011

My Gym

Pardon the cell phone pictures. Hopefully I will get some taken with my actual camera soon.

With Hunter's Birthday party the dude received four free classes at My Gym. I think the dude is hooked. I we will have to make My Gym apart of our regular routine.

I love watching Hunter being absolutely elated as he learns how to do somersaults, walk on balance beams, and how to flip on the uneven bars. He is such an active and social child.

He is such a blast to be around and play with.

Christmas Morning 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas morning this past Christmas. Santa spoiled our children way too much with the Help of their Aunt and Grandpas.

Hunter woke up at 6:00 raring to go. Course he refused to wear his Christmas Jammies that he got on Christmas Eve cause they didn't have McQueen or Thomas on them, so the kid slept in a McQueen Christmas shirt instead.

Lorelei pretty much slept through the festivities. She was kind enough to wear her Christmas Jammies.

I can not express in words how much fun we all had. Christmas is so much fun when you can watch your children enjoy themselves.

Lorelei is 3 Months!

The past 3 months have flown by. I have been blessed with such beautiful children. Lorelei is such a happy little soul.

She belly giggles at her brother's silly antics.

She wants to be able to see what is going on around her at all times and absolutely loves being held.

She lets her brother tug and pull at her while smiling. (most of the time) She absolutely loves it when Hunter tickles her toes.

She squeals and talks almost every second she is awake.

We all love you our precious Lorelei.

22 January 2011

Happy Birthday Hunter

I can hardly believe my first born is already 3 years old. Hunter Henry is a blessing to my life and he is such a joy to be around.

(Three year pics coming when I can get Hunter calm enough to take pictures again.)

This year instead of buying Hunter tons of toys he didn't need we threw him an awesome party at My Gym.

Hunter had been to another party there before, so it took him a while to realize the party was for him.

Hunter was in pure elation the entire time. I do not think I have ever seen him so overwhelming happy. They ran, jumped, danced, climbed, and zip lined. Hunter was even ecstatic over his Thomas cake.
I love you my son and I wish you many more happy birthdays to come!