11 November 2011

Lorelei's Birthday

Over a month later and I am finally posting about Lorelei's birthday party. 
The week of the party Lorelei, Hunter, and I all get the stomach bug. 
Thankfully my Sister in law stepped in an pretty much did all the decorating and baking. 

So we planned on having the party outside and 30 minutes before the party it started raining, so we were on the mad dash to bring everything inside pronto!

I was worried at first because our small little birthday party had well 60 people coming and we had to move it inside.
Yes I have an issue with refraining from inviting people. 
I am a more the merrier type of person for sure!
That was even with me finding invitations that never got mailed the day after the party. 
Sorry to yall I honestly wanted you there. 

Luckily we had a break in the weather long enough to party our hearts out. 

We had the bounce house. We had pumpkin painting. We had a billion of edible goodies. We had bubbles stations. We had bowling. We had sidewalk art. We even had a pinata that we never even got to!

Boredom was not going to be an issue at this party. : )

Lorelei after painting her pumpkin. 

Both of my children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Which was completely my goal, so as long as that happens I am a happy camper. 

Lorelei stared at the crowd for a good minute when we sat her in front of the cake. 
"Why in the world are 60 circling me and staring at me"

Luckily the princess got over it and dug in. After several protests from Hunter worried about Lorelei getting dirty, Lorelei finally convinced him to try it. 

With everything going on I completely forgot about the pinata. By the time we got to opening presents I was completely exhausted and ready to pass out. The kids were still having the time of their lives so we continued. 

The one difficulty about inviting so many people is it seems that you don't get the opportunity to really to speak with everyone. Course it was a blessing having everyone celebrate with our beautiful daughter's life with us.

Our rule of thumb is that our children open their gifts from us after the party when we all are exhausted and slowly cleaning up while eating more food even though we are completely stuffed.
Just a calm relaxing reveling in our day and love for each other. 

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, she is so cute!!! So glad your sister-in-law came to the rescue. And happy that you got a break in the weather. I LOVE the cake pictures. :)