13 November 2011

Kid's Fest 2011

Enthralled by the trains as usual
We were watching our Saturday morning cartoons and I saw a commercial for Kid's Fest. Kid's got in free with a can good. I figured why not, so I called my girlfriend Charity who is great at appeasing me with my hey why not moments.The kiddos got in free with can goods for the food bank, so really it was charity not a splurge. jk : )

Yeah Super Why
We watched trains, went down a 20' slide, watched trains, did a 60' obstacle course, watched trains, went in the bounce house, watched trains, looked at the bug lady's snakes and creepy crawlers, watched trains, fed animals in the petting zoo, watched trains, got a whole bunch of freebies, watched trains, saw Hunter's favorite PBS Characters, watched trains, watched a magic show, watched trains and...oh and watched trains again. Sense a theme. : ) Hunter and Judah are definitely enamored with their trains.

Hunter just wanted to stay and hug curious George. It melted my heart. 
Lorelei is quickly leaving her baby stage and wanting to be more active in everything we do. It is a blast watching her develop her own little personality. Poor thing passed out in my arms on the way to the car. Course I felt like I was going to pass out myself by the time we were done. : )

Promptly when we got home my Grandma called to see if I stayed home and relaxed Saturday like I promised I would. Seriously she has a sixth sense. So I got in trouble, but seriously she is 78 and still works 13 hour days and throws party's and has to volunteer for everything. Where does she think I get the want to be moving gene?  Besides my gene drastically pales in comparison to hers. 

Word Girl

It's Clifford!

Lorelei trying to feed the pony

The jester has nothing on us. 

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