09 November 2011

Fly on The Wall

Playing in the Cul de Sac

Painting pumpkins
Okay I know these pictures are totally random. As I have been slacking on my blog apparently the picture taking has been slacking with it. 

Yesterday I went to my son's preschool chapel to watch him sing songs he has been learning in class. Most adorable thing ever! Going to chapel has made me 100% confident that sending Hunter to this preschool was the right choice. Previously after going to chapel I would take Lorelei out to the car through a separate door and wait till it was time to pick up Hunter. This time I followed the other moms who were following the class. Apparently afterwards the moms are invited in the class. What?! I have been sitting out in the car when I could come into the preschool class. 
I absolutely loved getting to watch my son while he wasn't aware that I was there. I am so impressed with my little Hunter. *Warning* Mother bragging alert. ; ) He plays so well with the other children and so considerate of their feelings. Also Hunter follows directions so well. When it was clean up time he was a little maniac. He cleaned up his mess and then ran around cleaning all the other children's messes in the class. Then watching Hunter interact with pure joy during the ending circle time of class was one of the most precious moments in my life. 
What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall everyday in preschool. (Course I am sure Hunter is thrilled to have some independence with out me always looming around. lol)

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