05 August 2011

Working with kids

Hunter building his daily paper towel fort. 
In 1959 my grandparents started their own business Tax Wise Inc. My grandmother worked with her children in tow playing under the desks. When I was a child I frequented many days playing in the office as she worked. I never thought my children would ever play in the same walls except when I got my return done by my lovely granny.  

(Sorry about the pictures. They are off my phone)
After having Lorelei our daycare situation had fallen through. We looked, but we couldn't find a daycare that would be appropriate for both our children. We had been trying to be financially ready for me to become a stay at home mom, but we weren't quite as debt free as we wanted. Can someone say School Loans!

I needed a part time job, but I couldn't afford daycare at the same time. I was talking about my problem with my grandma one day while I had taken the kids to her house to play. 

Nanny Deb showing the kids her old hideout as a kid. 
She said come work for me and bring them with you. I was a bit nervous about the idea, but excited to be a mom and leave my job where at times I had been working 80 hours a week. 

During Tax season I worked in the evenings and Hunter got to hang out with Daddy and I just brought Lorelei   along 10 to 15 hours a week. 

The true test was when tax season was over and I had to work during the day with BOTH kiddos for 10 to 15  hours a week. 

I have been blessed. My son actually gets excited when I tell him we are going to Gamma's office.  He will grab his backpack and throw in his "office supplies" for the day.
 I think Lorelei does as well she just isn't as vocal about it. : ) Hunter and Lorelei are the little prince and princess of the office. Everyone greets them with excitement when we arrive.
Nanny Deb brings a rotation of her sons no longer used toys for the kids to play with. Right now Lorelei's favorite is the bouncing tigger. 
I brought a stash of toys and have them crammed in every nook and cranny of my desk so if there is a moment of boredom, Viola a new activity on hand. 

Of course there is a plethura of office supplies to be creative with. 

Not to mention all the family and like family who love my kids as much as I do. 
 Of course it helps that Hunter can play pbskids.org on a free computer. (That thing is a lifesaver at times.)
I am so blessed to have this opportunity. Even though I feel guilty some days or other days focusing on work isn't always the easiest our life is so much happier and more fulfilling. 
Thank you Grandma!


Brad said...

Your grandma is incredible. Why no photos with her?


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

What a great blessing!
I wish I could do that (only with the dog...since we don't have kids.) :)

Mercedes said...

For some reason the pictures with her wouldn't post.