02 August 2011

The things Hunter says!

The things that come out of my son's mouth truly amaze me! Here are a few of his golden gems
-As I am working with my son on counting I ask him what comes after three. He replies "Time Out!"
-"Mommie please turn off the sun. It is too hot."
-"God is great and very waterfall" (as he is working on his memory verse)
-"Mommie let's go outside and play in the snow" (As it is over 100 degrees out)
-"Mommie my eyes hurt. They need to watch TV"
-As I hand Hunter toast with jelly "Yeah Jelly fish!"
-A coworker asks Hunter if he is going to be an architect. Hunter replies. "Nope I am going to be a pooper!"
-When I was pregnant with Lorelei at the Ob/Gyn office there was a breast examination poster. Hunter excitedly exclaims, " Look Mommie! BOOBS!" (The doctor walked in the room cracking up.) I think this one  tops the elephant tail comment. lol
-"I am too scared of Hunter" Says Hunter

A little mommie humor is good for the soul! What are some things your rugrats have said?


Rebecca Jo said...

I love that he thinks you have the ability to turn off the sun :) haha!

I love to hear things kids say!

I can imagine the doctor at the sound of "BOOBIES" :) hahahaha!!!!

Mercedes said...

I know I love that Hunter is in the Mommie can do anything phase. I am not looking forward to Mommie can't do anything right phase. ; )

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

Too funny! I love that John can talk more now and he cracks me up too!

Mercedes said...

Ohh the beginning to talk stage is so much fun!