02 August 2011

Story Time: Shark VS. Train

I will smile, but I will not look at the camera. 
Hunter tends to always have a couple of books that he has to read every night. Right now Shark Vs. Train by Chris Barton is on that list. We found this one at the scholastic book fair at our library. As soon as Hunter saw it he grabbed of the self and just knew it was meant for him. I don't think it even occurred to him that there could be a possibility I wouldn't buy it for him.
I mean a book with Shark and Trains. It had to have been written with my son specifically in mind. 

Seriously mom. Enough with the camera. 
I think the drawings are hilarious. The little side comments the train and the shark say to one another a pretty comical themselves. Hunter likes to root for the train as we read the book. He about has the entire book memorized. I am sure in a week he will. This book doesn't really have a blurb, but it doesn't need one with the name Shark Vs. Train. It is automatically going to be every little boys favorite. Lorelei seems to love it as well.

It is definitely another book to love!

So what are some of your favorite children's books right now?!


Rebecca Jo said...

I love kids books... they are always so cute & I love the illustrations too!

What a great way to get kids in the mindset of loving books at an early age!

Mercedes said...

Thanks! I think my children will share my addiction!

Isil said...

Would love it if you link up to today's Book Sharing linky.