16 August 2011

Story Time: Little Blue Truck

Horn went beep. Engine Purred. Friendliest Sound you ever heard. 
We LOVE LOVE the Little Blue Truck by Alice Schenrtle.
Reading this book aloud just rolls of your tongue!
The illustrations are perfectly sweet which always a huge plus for me. 
Hunter really gets into the emotion of the story and makes the most darling facial expressions when saying the dump truck lines. 
Yes Hunter has this book memorized as well. Course it flows so well if you read it twice you would know it by heart. 

"The Little Blue Truck teaches a big important dump truck the value of a few friendly beeps and a group of helping hands"
I love the sweet message, how my son gets into the story, and how Lorelei can chew on the book. 
This is another book to love!

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Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

glad you mentioned this boook b/c I ended up buying it for a b-day paty on Saturday! Looks super cute!