08 August 2011

Story Time: Gossie

I don't know what it is, but it sure seems like Lorelei is drawn to yellow! I saw the cute book Gossie by Oliver Dunrea and grabbed it quick for our little princess. I am so thrilled about board books for kids. You have no worries about them flipping the pages endlessly themselves. 

I hope that the printing press will still stick around at least for kids books. My son has an Vtech - V.Reader Animated E-Book System and absolutely loves it. As much as he loves it Hunter still absolutely loves to sit and flip the pages of traditional books and have something more tangible in his hands. He behaves as though they are two completely different things. When it comes to children's books I believe they are! 
Lorelei of course absolutely loves to chew on the book pages as she flips through the book. With a risk of sounding old fashion I think children's books are sacred and should not all go digital. Just in case they do become antiques I am saving all of our children's books. Not a single one goes to a garage sale. It will be my one area of hoarding. (besides my hat box of every card I have received. )

Anyways this book is absolutely precious. Lorelei is captivated by the simple and stunning picture with the bright colors. Hunter is always concerned about Gossie finding her red boots. I love how Hunter is so in touch with other's emotions. 

Here is the blurb for Gossie
"Gossie is a gosling. A small, yellow gosling who likes to wear bright red boots. Every day. One morning Gossie can't find them."

My kiddos love this book so much I think I am going to give them Gossie and Gertie and Gossie and Friends as apart of their Christmas advent. Who knows. Still have plenty of time till Christmas comes.

One thing I know for sure. Gossie is another book to love.

How do you feel about children's books going digital?


Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

totally agree- love real books for kids. John has a VReader too and loves it but he literally has me read real books to him ALL DAY LONG. :)

Mercedes said...

Same here! I am a bit nostalgic as well.

Anjanette said...

We *love* Gossie & Gertie!

And yes, my husband is a librarian but is surprisingly ok with everything going digital. The proliferation of information is the most important thing... I get it, but sometimes I'd rather get paper cuts. ;)

He reads all day long on his iPod touch, but the times I've introduced my kiddos to digital books (on the computer or laptop) - they've had a hard time staying engaged.

Mercedes said...

I totally get the proliferation of information. I think it is excellent having books digital. As you said there is something special about a printed book for children!