17 August 2011

Spaghetti rubbings

I was reading my friend Jenae's post at I can teach my child about spaghetti designs.
I knew we needed to get the noodle play on since both my children are ramen noodle fanatics. 

I cooked a quick batch of ramen noodles in three minutes and pulled out my burnt cookie sheet. 
 Viola the letter making was on!
Hunter loves making letters out of anything possible. 

Then we made a rubbing out of the letters on the cookie sheet. 
Hunter hadn't ever done a rubbing before, so it took him a little convincing that it was okay to use the crayon sideways. (Stubborn like his mommy!)

Once he saw the wavy letters appear he was hooked on the making the letter rubbings. 
The rubbings pressed the noodles on the back side so you we had dried noodle art on the back. It only took the noodles 30 seconds to dry on. Probably because they were ramen noodles. 

Of course we can't have ramen noodles with out sampling!

After all Hunter was done with making all the letters the monster designs commenced. 
This was another fun activity and I have a feeling that designs will be made each time noodles are made now!


Chelley N said...

The pic of Hunter eating the noodles is hilarious!

Lisa said...

I would have never thought of that! It looks fun...too bad Chloe is a neat freak. She would never touch cooked noodles. Sigh.