01 August 2011


The first time I did shadow character's with Hunter and Lorelei my son was completely thrilled. 
He absolutely begs to do it before nap time books and bed time books. 
I used the cutouts I had left over from the Wild Alphabet Hunt and our bedside lamp. 
Seriously the simple things seem to be the biggest hit in our household.

When I decided to take pictures of us doing this activity that brings us all so much joy I had these visions of story book pictures with Disney-esque feel to them. 
Boy is it hard to take pictures in the dark. I definitely need to take a photo class. 
We can make the characters fill the size of the wall. It was definitely too hard to take a picture of that. 

We would spell our names and other words on the wall and then let the whale eat our creations. 

Hunter gets an absolute kick out of it. Lorelei belly laughs watching the whale eat. I must admit I enjoy it as much as my three year old and my baby girl!


Chelley N said...

Cute, cute! A lot of these activities I'm filing away for when B is a little older, but I think she would love this one now!

Mercedes said...

Oh I am sure she would! I would think you could do shapes for the scavenger hunt part. I am sure she would like just looking for stuff.