10 August 2011

Secret Sisters!

If you are a member of my Church 
Especially if you are in Secret Sisters
Do not read this!!!!

Crystal who continues to read this shhhh! Don't tell. : )

Our church does an excellent program called Secret Sisters. Towards the end of summer we fill out questionnaires about ourselves. Then the questionnaire is given to another participant. Who ever you get you spend the year giving them cards and a minimum of a small gift once a month. Once a month we get together enjoy the presence of other women, play games, and eat till we are stuffed and then realize that three hours went by and you told yourself you were only going to stay for one. Really where did the time go?

I was a bit timid about joining. One more commitment. One more thing to schedule. I begrudgingly signed up. After last night I am thrilled I did! We spent the whole night playing the toilet paper game to get to know each other. We laughed so hard that many of us were crying. 
My husband watched the kids and he didn't complain once!
At the end of the night we got our envelope with our questionnaire of the person we get to shower for a year.
I am ecstatic about my person. She is so great at doing for others.  
We are encouraged to make magnets for our person to know when they have a surprise in the Secret Sister Mailbox. 
I whipped something on my cricut, taped it to on old magnet, and laminated it. Viola my secret sister has a postcard magnet!

Cricut  made postcard stuck on the front of an old Cleaning Authority magnet.  No extra money out of my pocket. 

 My goal is a card and a $1 dollar gift a week. Then a nicer $5 to 10 dollar gift once a month or something I made that looks $5 to 10 dollars and only cost me a couple bucks. I hope she feels loved!
Any ideas on inexpensive and fun gifts?

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