05 August 2011

Pudding Body Paint.

I remember playing with mud as a kid and I actually prayed my child prayer to God requesting that there would be mud in Heaven. 

Instead of mud I made some chocolate pudding for my kiddos to play with. That way when Lorelei inevitably put some in her mouth it would be "all good".  I envisioned Hunter being completely covered head to toe with pudding and Lorelei would just focus on eating the pudding. 

I should have known better. Hunter thought it was completely disgusting and didn't want to get any on himself. 
Lorelei gave it a try and then was enthralled with gushing it through her hands and then rubbing it on her legs like lotion. 

She attempted to get Hunter to join in the fun, but Hunter promptly started trying to wipe of the pudding off his knee onto Lorelei. 

She didn't mind a bit. Lorelei was too focused on squishing the pudding. Lorelei was completely content being covered in chocolate goodness. 

Rubbing her "lotion" on her leg. 

"Yuck Mommie!"

It is always neat doing things like this and seeing my children's personality shine. My children definitely are their own people and are not easily persuaded. Hunter loves his stuff organized and all lined up. It will be interesting to see how Lorelei likes her stuff. So far she just loves to pull things out. I am guessing that trend will probably continue. 

"Hunter... Come Here! I have something for you!"

As dirty as his hands got. 
Hunter trying it out as long as it just got on Lorelei. 
I am glad that God made children washable, so we can have messy fun times like these!
What messy fun have you had with your family lately?


Allison @ All for the Boys said...

Aww, love the messy fun! My kids make messes every day intended or not ;)

hoLLy said...

those pictures are just plain adorable!!

thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!(i was the duct tape poster on the my kids say i'm silly blog:)

not sure where you live, but i just started another site/blog about fun stuff to do with families! starting off reviewing places in my area: dallas, texas. but will expand to cities everywhere. hope you check it out! i'm trying to spread the word :)

p.s. i'm a new follower!

Kate @ Puddles and Gumboots said...

What great messy sensory fun! Your little girl looks like she had a ball!

andie jaye said...

awwww! looks like she's having fun! your little puddin' pop is in my prayers. so glad she's okay after her incident..

Mercedes said...

Thank you

Debi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today & intro'ing yourself. I've been wanting to try this one with my boys. Guess I gotta get me some pudding!