12 August 2011

Lorelei's 10 month pix!

It feels like I just got Lorelei's 9 month pictures taken. This year is flying by. I can hardly believe that in 2 months she will be one and her time as a baby will be gone. 

Lorelei is such an aggressive little stinker. She wants to be into everything Hunter is. 

She kept crawling off the mat to go get his game. Hunter ended up being in a couple pictures unplanned. 
He wanted to "coerce her into obeying."
I think Hunter couldn't stand how cute Lorelei was and not tickling her. 

Every time Lorelei has on a frilly skirt of some kind Hunter changes her name to princess Lorelei. Haha. 

She says mommy now and not just mama. I LOVE IT!

She is starting to clap, but is really starting to climb. She pushes stuff together to climb on to try to get on the tables. 

She has no clue that she is a baby and when she sees kids playing she tries to join right in. 

Lorelei loves to wrestle with her daddy and Hunter. She can surprisingly hold her own for a baby. 

She absolutely loves to feed herself and sneak food off your plate. You just see this sly hand coming and disappear with a bit of food. 

She is a growler and a grunter. My son shrieks and is very high pitched. She laughs low like a man. It cracks me up. My son the soprano my daughter the bass. ; )

Lorelei definitely has her own unique personality. 
We are absolutely blessed to have her in our lives!


Chelley N said...

Beautiful pics of a gorgeous baby! I especially love the ones where she is holding the L.

Tamara Dawn said...

How adorable is she! Love that pretty headband too! Ooooh this makes me want a little girl =)

They grow so fast, capturing them in photos is essential! <3

Mercedes said...

Thank you all very much!

Lisa said...

Very cute pictures! I especially like the last one.