18 August 2011

Jonah and the Big Fish Craft and Lesson

Ever since our Upside Down and Inside Out on Main street VBS this Summer Hunter has been extra excited
about going to church and bible stories. 
Hunter is currently in the two and three year old class and they are absolutely adorable. There are about 12 little boys. Yes BOYS! When they each walk in the room the whole room says hi to them. It is precious. 
They are definitely a close knit group. Right now they are going through the phase of ALL wanting to go to the bathroom together. Boys are weird!

Anyways I figured I should take advantage of this new found extra interest in the bible and take the opportunity to do more than the bedtime bible story. 

Hunter has been learning about Jonah this week in Bible class. I let him look at the pictures of his Rhyme Bible that his Aunt gave him. I am truly shocked how much of the story he remembered. The whale must have made it more exciting for the dude. 

With Hunter's Help I told the story again using the crafts Hunter had made. 

I cut a big fish and a boat out of two paper plates. On the back of each we taped a toilet paper roll. 
I let Hunter color the fish and the boat while I cut out a Jonah stick from a cereal box. 

On one end I drew (a very poor drawing) of Jonah and the other I put on his bible memory verse. 

Then viola in less than five minutes we had a fish who could swallow Jonah.
Hunter was absolutely fascinated by the fish swallowing Jonah. I think we have gone through the story literally 10 times just so Hunter could watch me have the fish swallow Jonah and then spit him back out. 
Hunter also reenacted the swallowing and spitting part of the story several times on his own. 

We I also made a big fish out of a lunch sack filled with wadded newspaper. I then tied the tail with a pipe cleaner and stuck a blue pipe cleaner at the blow whole. 
Hunter will probably color it later. He was just too busy making Jonah spit out the fish to help with this part lol. 
Our memory verse we are working on is Deuteronomy 6:18 
"Do what the Lord says is Good and Right"
Short and Easy for a 3 year old and fits well with the story. 

Now I am off to go crawl under a blanket and pretend we are all in a belly of a fish!

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Lisa said...

Great crafts! I am teaching about the Apostle John next Wednesday evening and that boat craft would be excellent for it.

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Love that you can see Jonah being eaten. Such a great idea! The Bible school sounds like so much fun!