26 August 2011

Hunter's First Day of Preschool!

Hunter fighting the picture
Hunter started preschool yesterday. I had all these expectations and plans. I expected to get all these adorable pictures of his first day. Him sit perfectly and smile, then him be sad about me leaving, me leaving crying, and Disney moments all the way through. 

Instead we started running late since he decided to start undressing as soon as we were headed out the door. Then my normally good picture taker was fighting every picture. When we should up to the preschool there was no bye mom, no hug, and no kiss. Hunter made a direct bee line to the trucks. Typical Hunter magnetized towards anything with wheels. 

 I didn't cry I was more stunned and frustrated. My picture perfect moment didn't exist and my son didn't need me. I didn't get all these beautiful photos my other friends and peers got.

Immediately off to the truck area!

No mom I wanna play no pictures. *tear*
I went and took Lorelei to her first Baby Story time at the library and tried to keep busy to keep my son's new step in life from getting to me. Also to keep the lurking thought that I must be a bad mom from lurking into the forefront. 

Hunter and his teacher Mrs. Tinius
 Surprisingly 11:30 came a lot sooner than expected. I expected the three hours to drag, but they flew by. I went and lined up with the other moms to pick up Hunter. He saw me from across the room and his face immediately lit up and he turned to the teacher's helper and said "That's my Mommie!". Score I am still in!
Hunter and his buddy from Church
He ran up and gave the teacher a hug and was more than willing to take pictures with the teacher and his buddy! In the car he was excitedly talking about the slide and his friends and of course the tractors. He went and told everyone he had fun.

Still my mommie's boy!
It ended up being a fantastic first day of preschool. I just needed to let go of what I expect and embrace reality. I love my sweet Hunter. He is growing up too quickly!


Kristen Baird said...

Your pics are precious, I'm so glad Hunter had a great first day!

Chaunna from BehaviorFlip.com said...

Great start for Hunter! He seemed to all prepared for the school... Nice job mommy for the preparation! You deserve a big pat on your shoulder and a salute for your good job done!

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Oh my goodness....he has grown so much in 3 months.