17 August 2011

Cartoon indulgence

(He doesn't normally stand that close I was trying to get him to turn and smile for a picture.)
I told myself no TV for my children. Every waking moment that would be doing something hands on and active. Then I had children. Haha. I do well most of the time limiting Hunter's exposure to TV, but then those days that you just don't feel well happen. You can barely get out of bed you feel so lousy and you still have to take care of your children. Then the TV beckons you for a little sanity.
We don't have cable so whatever we watch is either on PBS kids or Netflix. I have to admit I catch myself enjoying laying on the couch and watching some good cartoons with my kiddo.
The first non Veggie Tales  cartoon Hunter really started watching was Super Why Super WHY! : Peter Rabbit and Other Fairytale Adventures
I think of all his cartoons this is probably my favorite. It teaches the alphabet, letter sounds, spelling, rhyming, and beginning sentence formation. Of course it does it all on a reading adventure and all the characters have the super awesome Why Flyers! Wonder Red is my favorite. I mean she has a cape and red roller blades and a flying scooter how awesome is that. Hunter's favorite Character is P is for Pig! I think because he has the Alphabet tool belt. Course whenever we play the ABC Why Game Hunter always wants to be princess Presto. I think he is pretty fascinated with princess. He doesn't want to dress up as one. (yes I tried. lol) But Hunter likes Lorelei dressing up as one. I am guessing he is going to have a girly girl as a wife when he is older.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about that The Thinga-ma-jigger is Coming Today! (Seuss/Cat in the Hat) (CITH Knows a Lot About That) is Hunter's next favorite cartoon. He used to call it Hadda Hat. : )At first this cartoon drove me absolutely insane! I couldn't stand the show. Then I caught myself singing the songs as I was doing chores around the house. Now it has grown on me. I like the rhymes and they do an excellent job of writing really REALLY catchy songs. Plus it has a lot of great information about environmental science.
The cartoon we watched this morning was about nocturnal animals and now I have the whoo twitter song stuck in my head. lol

Dinosaur TrainDinosaur Train Pteranodon Family Adventuresis a cartoon we both have agreed on from the beginning. The cartoons are only 12 to 15 minutes long and it discusses dinosaur information. Hunter absolutely loves buddy the T-Rex! I am fond of Tiny. I somehow relate to the outspoken small female type characters. Haha. I know it is sad that I have a favorite character in all of these Cartoons. Of course these tend to be our conversations!

Then we have Curious GeorgeCurious George - Takes a Vacation & Discovers New Things! You have to love Curious George. He is go cute and lovable. Hunter jumps up and down when he gets to watch Curious George. Then he goes around making monkey sounds. I am always afraid he is going to get some non-preferred ideas in his head. Luckily we haven't encountered that quite yet. (fingers crossed. lol)

Then last but not least Thomas and Friends.Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels. On PBS this only airs Saturday mornings. It is his one Saturday morning Cartoon Hunter gets to watch. Of course he is jumping up and down when it turns on. It is because of this show that when Hunter is upset he says "Mommy I am cross." Lol who says that? Now my life really depends on knowing all the trains by name. I also need to know which number is each train and if I get it wrong my son considers it the ultimate sin. lol I don't think we go more that 20 minutes with out discussing Thomas in some fashion or another.

At times I feel guilty that Hunter has TV in his life, but really his shows are pretty fun and educational. (I catch myself watching them even when he has left the room.) And I am not too worried. Hunter still prefers to run around outside,  read books, and play trains. Course it is nice when I am sick as a dog that I have an alternative to going to the park.


Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

I know- letting the boys watch TV is such a battle for me. I hate to do it, but they love it and I only let them watch educational programs. John LOVES Team Umizoomi which I really think has helped with his math skills. Of course Dinosaur Train is another fun one for him and he loves dinosaurs.

Mercedes said...

Ooh I haven't heard of Umizoomi. I will have to see if they have it on Netflix. Yes what little boy doesn't love dinosaurs and trains!

Chelley N said...

A little bit of TV now and then is good down time for everyone. B watches maybe 3 hours a week, and I don't really feel guilty for that!