01 August 2011

Capillary Action

This is a really easy an simple science activity to do with your kiddos. 
You can find a definition of Capillary action here
All you need is two glasses, water, and a paper towel. 
You just put water in one glass and have a paper towel connecting the two glasses. 
It actually mimics how plants move water from their roots to the rest of the plants.
If you notice a little evaporation occurred as well
It takes a day to see the water collecting in the empty jar. It will continue until the water levels in each jar are the same amount. Just show your kids each day and have them draw a picture in their science journal. (a 15cent spiral notebook.) I figured it would lose Hunter's attention, but he actually looked forward to checking the jars out each morning. Course he wasn't too excited about his science journal part. He just stuck McQueen pictures on it. My Hunter is all Hunter. ; )

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Heather said...

I have to try this with my boys. I think they would be totally fascinated by this!