08 August 2011

Balloons and hairdryers.

My husband got us a package of balloons yesterday. We are going to have to find out where they are cheaper. He spent a whole four bucks for a package of 100. Seriously?! That is ridiculous. Then I thought I threw them in the trash by accident at a friends house. You know someone is a good friend when they are willing to dig through the trash just for a bag of balloons. Well they were in the diaper bag. So the grossness was all for nothing.

Since getting and finding the balloons was such an ordeal. I decided we better get our moneys worth out of them. So this week will be a week of balloon activities for my kiddos.

I must say running a hair dryer, taking pictures, and holding a baby was not the easiest thing in the world. 
When I stopped taking pictures this was a really easy and fun thing to do. 
I think I enjoyed it as much as the kiddos!

The fan would make the balloons fly Hunter would try to knock them to the ground and I would try to keep the balloons from ever touching the ground. Surprisingly, my job turned out to be easy. 

I have seen them do this in the mall with beach balls and portable fans. I had neither, so balloon and hairdryer it is! Lorelei kept wanting to dive for the balloons. 

Hunter and Lorelei's smiles made the digging through the trash all worth it. Seriously what kid doesn't love to play with balloons!

Of Course I had to add the obligatory fan in face picture!
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What is one of your fond memories from playing with balloons?

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Rebecca Jo said...

I'm constantly buying balloons for youth games & actually 100 for $4.00 is pretty good :) So much fun stuff you can do with balloons! They just make you feel like a kid again!