13 August 2011

Balloon Printing

It has been one of those weeks of what I planned for the week and what I have accomplished are two completely different things!
Well if you count two I am on target. I guess I did make their hair stand up with static electricity. 
Huge hit with the kids. 

We did balloon printing today while Lorelei was taking a nap. I wanted him to have his own time and activity. 
Hunter was thrilled with it. 

Hunter put paint on a paper plate and rolled the balloon in the paint and then drew designs on the balloon with a Q-tip.  Then Hunter rolled the balloon on paper to make masterpieces. 

Okay so Hunter was pretending that the blue Giant was coming to squish the village of paper people. 
All I can say is the giant did some beautiful squishes. 

We have four lovely pieces of artwork now! I am a hoarder when it comes to my children's things. I hate "throwing away a memory". However, I DO NOT HAVE ROOM for everything. 
I take a picture of all Hunter's creations. Digital space is much easier to come by! Then I pick 1 or 2 I absolutely can't part with. The rest become cards or gifts to people. 
I have seen the idea of cutting the artwork in to animal shapes then framing it. 
I think that will definitely be something I will try this time. 

What are somethings you all do with your children's masterpieces?

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mamaroses said...

What a great activity! I am sure my son's going to love it since it has the two most loved things in his world - balloons & painting.

Just clicked a 'like' on yr FB page too.

Look forward to a return visit:
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