22 July 2011

You know you are a mom when....

 You know you are a mom when...
  • you have to get back in the shower because you forgot to shave both legs
  • your realize you are overfilling your glass at the refrigerator because your too busy watching your children
  • you can't remember if you have taken your vitamin yet or not for the morning
  • you just realized you have had ketchup on your shoulder all day
  • you have to taste the sippy cup, because you can't remember when you gave your child milk
  • you can't find your wallet, keys, or phone in your purse, but you can find diapers, trains, and hand sanitizer
  • you are leaving the house have the kids in the car seats and start looking for your phone realizing you are talking to your husband on it.
  • you walk into a room and you have to stand there trying to remember why you walked into that room
  • you spend 30 minutes a day looking for your keys
  • you find your keys underneath a stuffed animal riding a car
  • you have cartoon theme songs stuck in your head all day
  • you find yourself using the terms potty and tummy in adult conversations
  • you raid the Easter candy stash and give it a sniff to fix those cravings. 
  • you sit in your driveway listening to the radio enjoying the moment of peace while both your children are sleeping in their car seats
  • you drive past your destination TWICE
  • you brag about your kids way too much


Jenae said...

Good for you for tasting the sippy cup first! I just let them taste it and if they won't drink it, I have my answer! :)

Mercedes said...

My son throws up easily, so it tends to be a bigger mess in the end. Otherwise I would so be using your method. lol

The Scholz Family Blog said...

Excellent and enjoyable post, I'm a father and can still identify with a lot of your list!