21 July 2011

What Was I Thinking?!

Hunter perfectly happy with cupcake Icing.

Today is picture day! I have an hour and fifteen minutes to come up with another way to get this icing off my son's face. My husband thought it would be sweet to surprise Hunter with a cupcake. When Hunter saw them I couldn't resist letting him have one. Besides. My theory is right after breakfast is the best time to have sweets. They have all day to burn it off. His first bite and I wanted to kick myself. Wipes aren't working. Neither is soap. I am half tempted to use rubbing alcohol. Seriously! What was I thinking?!

(obviously this picture was taken before the scrubbing began.)


Lisa said...

ROFL!!! Oh Hunter. You are such a little boy!

Today was our picture day, too!

Chelley N said...

It will just the give pics a little extra color... no biggie :-)

Mercedes said...

He just had a bit of blue twinge. No biggie. LoL

Charity Barber said...

Mercedes, love this picture. As moms we never know what our day will be like. Our life is a lot of improvising! You are such a sweet person and I am enjoying getting to know you more everyday.