17 July 2011

Thomas the fish

My son has recent begun trying a new way to show Thomas the Fish affection. I informed him that putting his hand in the bowl and petting the fish is probably not healthy for Thomas. Hence Hunter kissing the bowl. Makes me feel like we should get Hunter a more cuddlier pet. If only I wasn't allergic. Poor child. : )

Kiss Good Night to Thomas.
Maybe since the 20 cent fish has lasted 4 months now I could get him a little decor for his bowl. That is so much cheaper than building a fence and buying a dog! (Course I heard dogs keep your floors clean of cheerios... hmmm...)

(Hunter has decided that it is hot enough he shouldn't have to wear a shirt at home. Shoot less laundry I am all in!)

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Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Cute! I love how he's kissing the bowl!

To add the pintest button, I found it while looking around on their website. Very easy--you just get the HTML code and can add it to your blog with the "HTML" option. VERY EASY! :)