14 July 2011

Things I never thought I would say as a mother.

Both of my children asleep in the crib. 
  • "Hunter stop crawling into Lorelei's crib and go back to your own bed!
  • "Lorelei stop crawling into the toilet!"
  • "Hunter don't put anymore bath toys in the toilet"
  • "Hunter a bear is not coming get back in time out"
  • "Hunter stop dragging Lorelei under the bed"
  • "Lorelei stop licking Hunter's head"
  • "Hunter Lorelei isn't a puppy!"
  • "Okay Hunter I will put Lorelei in time out for pulling your hair, but she doesn't even know what it is."
  • "Hunter stop throwing your food on the floor so you can eat like a dog!"
  • "Hunter just because the door bell rang doesn't mean you should start barking"
  • "Lorelei Jean stop taking off your diaper!"
  • "No Hunter Lorelei doesn't need a cookie I think you just want one"
  • "No Hunter I can't poop pizza!"
  • "Hunter where did you get that peanut butter and jelly sandwich?!"
  • "Hunter please stop hiding food to save for later!"
  • "Hunter where are you hiding your food?!"
  • "Lorelei where did you get a gummy worm from?
  • "Hunter pull your pants back up we only pee on trees in the country!!"
  • "I don't think a dinosaur made this mess!"
  • "I don't think you are putting a blanket on Lorelei's head to protect her from a bear"
  • "Lorelei I just sat you down where did you go?!"
  • "Lorelei how did you crawl under the recliner?!"
  • "It is too quiet what are you two up to?!"
  • "Mommy is just going potty it isn't world war III and sticking your fingers under the door won't make it go faster" 
  • "God doesn't just live on the roof he is everywhere"
  • "Sorry Hunter I can't magically make Benny appear"
  • "Hunter are your sure Lorelei is the one that thinks there is a monster in your room?"
  • "Hunter don't ride Lorelei!"
  • "Hunter please don't let Lorelei pick your nose!"
  • "Putting your hands over your eyes doesn't mean I can't see you"
  • "Anton please stop teaching Hunter to say now woman. It was only funny the first time"
  • "Anton they our children except when they are misbehaving then they are yours."
  • "Please don't give them caffeine period, but especially before bed!"
  • " Your pooped 2 sharks and a whale? Good for you!"
All I can say life is a lot more interesting than I expected. I love my family!


Toqua's Crafts said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

Oh my gosh you had me rolling! LOL

I hope you have a day full of love and blessings.


Mercedes said...

Thank you very much for stopping by!