19 July 2011

Story Time: Two Left Feet

Two Left Feet by Adam Stower
Typically on Tuesday mornings we go to our new public library for story time. I must admit I am addicted to Children's Books and I must be passing the addiction down to my children. I thought to myself why stop at my children. Share the addiction to all my blogging buddies.
Look at them cute toes
I absolutely love the classic children's books. Every now and then you find a little treasure that you were not aware even existed. We checked out two left feet for Hunter before he was two and we both fell in love with the story. I knew it had to become apart of our home library. I searched at all the local bookstores and Barnes and Noble and it was no where to be found. Luckily we live in the information age and we found it on Amazon. (Angels sing right here) It continues to be well loved and we notice something new in the intricate illustrations each time.
Hunter loves his books
Here is the blurb. I am not sure on copyright infringement stuff so I am putting quotations and calling it good.

"Rufus LOVES to dance. But he has two left feet! Every time he starts to dance, he ends up falling on his little blue face. When a dance competition is announced, his more agile friends leave him alone and without a partner. But no squirmy creature or google-eyed monster can predict what will happen when he meets a new dance partner, Maddie.          
          A Charming book about the wonderful things that can happen when you find your perfect match. " 

The pictures are so intriguing. 
I of course wrote Hunter a sweet note from his most wonderful mother inside the cover of the book. I envision myself when each of my children have their first child giving them all the books with their names in it and reading the notes to their children just as I read the notes my grandparents wrote me in my books. Hopefully my children will still have a love for books when they are grown.
Two Left Feet


Isil said...

I love the pics of your son. He is really enthusiastic :) Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday and hope to see you again.xxx

Rufus said...

I know this is an old post but thought you may be interested to know that we have developed an app for Two Left Feet that enhances the original book with 3d animation. It is due for release in August 2013 and you can see it in action on our YouTube promo or like us on our Facebook page to get updates.

Best wishes, Rufus!

Two Left Feet on Facebook

YouTube promo of Two Left Feet