26 July 2011

Story Time: Swim, Little Wombat Swim!

As I have mentioned many times I have a children's book addiction. Swim, Little Wombat, Swim! by Charles Fuge is one of our more recent additions. It has already become a classic at our house. I had bought it for Lorelei; however, both of my children are madly in love with this book. 

I can't even remember what our goal was that day in the book store, but it is one of the few times I bought a children's book from the store without reading it. I got it solely based on the cover. (I know I know never judge a book by its cover). When we got home and read our books before nap time I was pleased. 
Not only were all the pictures as darling as the cover the story was incredibly sweet. Also pretty applicable since Hunter was in the middle of swim lessons at the time.

Here is the blurb off the back of the book
" Little Wombat is off on another adventure! He's found an exciting new friend to play with who walks strangely, has a funny little face, and, most amazingly of all, can swim like a fish in the water! A glorious tale about new friendships"

Apparently by the blurb there must be a series of books. We will have to keep an eye out for more.
Right now you can buy Swim, Little Wombat, Swim! at amazon for only 60 cents. I have no clue how long that will last. I am thinking of grabbing a couple for gifts!

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Sarah said...

Your family is adorable. So nice getting to "meet" you. I look forward to hearing more from you.