09 July 2011

Shew Super Mom Don't Bother Me.

I have been having the Super Mom blues. Before I entered the stay at home mom world I had envisioned entering the realm of Super Mom-hood. I thought my house would be spotless 24/7, I would bake bread every day, my children would be perfectly behaved and eat wonderfully cooked meals three times a day. I thought that I would have exorbitant amount of activities planned and that I would be sewing like a machine. I thought I would always be perfectly patient with my children and gracious to my husband. I thought we would visit each great grandparent twice a month and that we would do a service project every week. I figured I would have wonderful dinner parties for our friends weekly and never once look forward to my husband coming home for the soul reason that I need a short break from the kids. I thought we would have weekly crafts we would hand out to family members and pass out bread to our neighbors each week.

In reality my laundry tends to pile up enough my children enjoy jumping and crawling in it and after it is washed it tends to stay in the basket too long. Once I finally fold the laundry it takes normally a day to convince me to put it up. I sew once a month making completing a project slow. I am too chicken to give the baby present to the couple who just had a baby down the street that I don't know and now I am sure the onesie cupcake I made will be too small. I burnt cookies this past Monday and I have toys creeping out of every crevice of the house. I was thrilled to have three hours away from my family to eat dinner with my girlfriends this Friday and I didn't feel guilty once. I let my kids stay up too late in the summer and cheerios are all to common for breakfast. I see my grand parents once a month and I need to put on my big girl pants and get the courage to ask my husbands grand parents if they don't mind us dropping by. If my neighbors get baked goods it is normally cookies that I don't want sitting around the house for me to eat and all to frequently I put it in a container to give them and they sit there till they are stale and I throw them away. I frequently use the library group and the pool as activities and we just run around outside and the house instead of me doing something cool and crafty.

I have decided since my children are fed, bathed, safe, somewhat know who God is(my oldest anyways..Hunter thinks he lives in the attic) and happy that I must be doing something right. So Shew Super Moms Don't bother me. I am going to go pour my kid some cereal, move the laundry so we have room at the table to eat, and then go swimming!


Kristen Baird said...

Love your post Mercedes! I think we all feel this way (I know I do!) Don't underestimate the positive effects of going out (to the pool or the library), those offer so many more benefits than anything 'crafty', and they're FUN! You do such a wonderful job with your children, and are an amazing mother! Thank you for the encouragement!

Kristen Baird said...

We've been eating a lot of cereal lately too! (For multiple meals). Hey, they seem happy!

Mercedes said...

Thanks Kristen! Yes sometimes we have cereal for lunch and dinner, but its a secret. lol

Lisa said...

I'm not sure I know anyone that is like that! My floors always need vacuumed, but I would rather watch Dora with CJ!

Brad said...

I love you pookie,