27 July 2011

Oh Snap!

On the Hunt to find some toys
Today is Wednesday. Hunter had a low fever yesterday and a low fever today. I asked him what part of his body doesn't feel well and Hunter just responds with his cheek. I keep trying to get him to let me look at it and he absolutely refuses. I figured to be safe I will have him stay home this morning from the pool. His fever is gone now and he acts perfectly fine. Kids are so weird. Anyways to the real point of my story. Hunter is getting ready to start preschool in less than a month. *Tear* 
I haven't even begun to work with him on scissor skills. (I know I am a slacker mom) I was reading here that using tongs help develop coordination for scissor skills.

Side view of Bowl
I figured hey playing with tongs couldn't hurt. Hunter has also been playing a Curious George game on PBSKids.org that deals with sinking and floating and he is completely enthralled by it. I figured combine the two and I got a good thing going.

Using Anton's tongs
I let Hunter pick out what he wanted to sink and float and would just make him get the mommie seal of approval. I then showed him how to use the tongs and would ask him before he dropped them in if he thought they would sink and float. He did well! Also I didn't realize he was going to be doing it for over an hour.

"I am going to snap you"
Every time Hunter grabbed a toy he would go "Oh Snap". Seriously, where on earth did he get that from?

Hmm will it sink or float?
When he emptied his bucket he would put the toys back in the bucket to "save them" from the shark in the Ocean bowl.

Oh snap
He had no qualms about sending his toys repeatedly back to the sharks. I guess Hunter knew he would save them every time.

He then began pretending that they were all going to swim in the pool and ride on whales. Kids imaginations rock!

Look at those stickers straight. My child is ANAL
He begrudgingly did a chart with me. I don't think the numbers are accurate, but he said he had to get back to the pool.
Can I play MOM?
Course Lorelei wanted in on the action for every second of it.

Oh Yeah
Solution Lorelei got her own cup with a teaspoon/5mL of water. She was completely happy and occupied.


Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids said...

Awww so cute! Love the sink/float water component; I'll have to remember that. :)

Mercedes said...

Thank you!