26 July 2011

Mugabe and The White African

It has been 8 years since I have been to Zimbabwe the last time. The last time I went I spent the first two weeks people from my church to help support this and the last 6 weeks I stayed alone.  
It has always kept part of my heart with it the last time I left. I had forgotten how much the it meant to me until I watched Mugabe and the White African tonight. 
It only showed a small aspect of the brutality and oppression Mugabe has placed on Zimbabwe, but it did pierce my heart. 

I had left Zimbabwe believing I would start a non-profit organization called Tsi-Tsi (which translates to mercy)
I have done nothing. 

Some of people I loved and left are still there and in a much desperate situation than I left them. A couple that I had grown to love didn't even live to see me leave. 

I urge you to watch this documentary to get a small glimpse of one type of  the oppression the people of Zimbabwe are having to endure. 


Jenae said...

I loved seeing your pictures! Kevin told me that was aiing...we're going to watch it tomorrow!

Rebecca Jo said...

WOW! What an experience it must have been to be a part of that community & to meet those people!

Dont give up the dream to create your organization.... time is still all ahead of you - use it :)