21 July 2011

Lorelei's 9 Month Pix

Lorelei trying to eat my chin as usual.
I know I say this every month, but I can hardly believe Lorelei is already 9 months. She is crawling, she says Mama, Dada, Baba, and Ball. Lorelei pulls up on everything and has even stood up once on her own. 
She is such a mugwomp. (Yes it is a word, because I said it is. ) She is into everything and wants to be able to do everything her brother does. When Hunter isn't paying Lorelei enough attention she pulls his hair the little stinker.

It definitely is a lot harder getting a picture of her now that she is mobile! 

I complain all the time about not having pictures of me and really it is my own fault, so I decided to join them today. I am there anyways. I might as well. I am really glad I did. 

One Smiles One doesn't story of my life. 

Perfect illustration of our typical day.

I can hardly wait to get our pictures back in two weeks. Course by then she will be almost 10 months. The year mark is approaching way too quickly!


Kristen Baird said...

LOVE the pictures. Gorgeous children, gorgeous mommy!

Rebekah Carden said...

These are BEAUTIFUL pics!!!

Jenae said...

You look so beautiful!!! And, of course, your kids are adorable.

Mercedes said...

Thank you all very much!