29 July 2011

Jack and The Beanstalk Craft

Several months ago the Library group did a Jack and the bean stalk day and we did this fun craft. 
It is really simple. You take a super cheap paper plate. 

Then you cut it into a spiral.

You let your child glue pieces of scrap tissue and paper. 

Lorelei is always in the middle of it. That cute ornery girl!
You realize you other child wants to help. 

And you give Miss Lorelei the job of tearing more tissue paper. 

Lorelei is an expert at tearing up tissue. 

punch a hole in the middle and tie a string. 
Then Viola you have a springing beanstalk, or snake, or a dream spinner. Hunter's isn't perfect, but it is beautiful since he created it. Hunter isn't much into crafty stuff, but he loves this one since it is springy and he can use glue. I think over the course of 6 months we have probably done this craft ten times. Shoot it is super cheap and easy and Hunter is completely thrilled!

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Rebekah said...

I was just looking through my craft box wondering what we should do with all our scraps of construction and tissue paper. Now, I have this idea to use. So simple but adorable!! Thank you for visiting my blog!