09 July 2011

Heaven on Earth.

Which rock looks good for my mouth?
As much as I love God I am human and have my doubts. For some reason when I go to my husband's family farm I can feel God's presence as soon as I set my feet on the soil.

All the rocks to throw. Which one?
Our Fourth of July Weekend Tradition is camping at the family farm. It is completely secluded and our only company is God, our family, and the wildlife that surrounds us. I can not get over how easy it is for us to see wildlife at the farm. Frogs jump freely along the edge of the creek, tadpoles swim through the rocks, fish swim through your legs, and crawdads can be caught by hand. Right now any step you take on land stir up several doves. We saw so many deer and their fawns still with spots Hunter believed I could make them come out on command. The air was filled with the music of quail and whippoorwills.

The beautiful wheat.
The child in me gets ecstatic about taking the ATV's for long rides. You can cover so much ground and go through so many obscure places with and ATV. Plus you can get some sweet air. : )Hunter loved riding on the ATV through the golden wheat. I was tempted to roll around in the wheat since it looked like a soft bed.

All Smiles
Sunday night after the rain I took Hunter on a daily twilight ride. When we entered the timber it was as God placed the stars among us. The timber was covered in tens of thousands of fireflies with out even the slightest bit of exaggeration. The lightening bugs were so plentiful Hunter could hold his hand out and they would willingly land on his hand. I have been to many countries on several continents and this had to be one of the most breathtaking experiences in my life.

She is not going to have any issues hanging with this family!
With all the other blessings the fishing was amazing this weekend. The fish were biting so well you could cast a pole with out any bait and you would still catch something. No where, but the farm has that happened for me. It is the perfect fishing for children since there is constantly a fish for them to reel to the dock. Also means there is plenty for dinner!

Naps in hammocks.
I am so thankful that my children get to experience such beauty and peace in their lives. What a wonderful gift they have!

Fishing for dinner!

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