26 July 2011

Fun Free tour at the Firestation

Checking out the back cab
I organized a free tour at the local fire-station for our church kiddos. It actually happened by accident. I called to ask them a question about another event and they asked if I was calling to schedule a tour. I guess they will let anyone stop by and take a tour even if you just want to bring your own children yourself. They said as long as they aren't on a call their doors are open. If your children are over six they even teach them some fire self help.

Go Firetruck
I expected it to be a short 30 minute tour showing the kids the truck letting them take a couple of pictures and that was all. I am impressed with how much detail they put on the tour.

Learning about the ends and outs of the truck
They explained to them about the different type of hoses and all the car and house ripping apart equipment and did so that these young children were entertained.

Right at home in the day room
The tour ended up taking around an hour and Hunter was enjoying himself every minute of it.

Hunter trying to keep Lorelei corralled 
Lorelei of course is always enjoying herself when there are plenty of children around to keep her occupied.

Cheese Mommie
I really liked how they dressed in their fire gear in front of the children and let the children help explain what everything was for.

Hunter getting his shot at the hose
I must say I was excited to find out they let the kiddos take turns on holding and using the hose.

 Holding a baby and fighting fires!
I was even more excited when I found out I got a turn.

Group pictures with  11 preschoolers
My son was pretty well attracted to the big red firetruck most of the time.

Doesn't really happen

Hunter with his Buddy

Time to go!
Hunter tried to convince me to drive it home. I just wasn't sure how to back the thing up.


Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

How fun! I need to organize a visit with my mom's group. Great idea!

Brad said...

This is a great idea. Kids get to learn that the firemen in the masks and suits are friendly and there to help them. All too often kids will see them for the first time in the middle of a fire, and then hide from them thinking they are monsters.