23 July 2011

The Children's Garden at Botanica

Digging in the sand for saurus bones
When I was at my Grandma Turner's yesterday I just by chance saw an advertisement for the new children's garden at Botanica. When I got home I checked out the construction blog and was so excited. I tend to have a hard time delaying gratification when it comes to taking my children somewhere neat, so even though it was 100 today I drug my husband along and we went for an adventure.

Climbing to the tree house
Hunter was happy just to walk along the garden's he didn't expect anything as magical as this place. I was thoroughly impressed with all the detail.

Walking the rainbow path
Hunter loves walking paths regardless, so the magical rainbow path was amazing to him. I loved how everything was eye level for him.

Crawling a lady bug in the Eric Carle Hungry Catepillar  Exhibit
They have an adorable hungry catepillar area with treasures hidden in all the creatures. Since everything was metal and it was 100 today Hunter didn't hang around there to much since it was too hot to touch.

Playing drums
One of the many paths to wander had instruments dispersed among the plant life. Hunter was perfectly excited to test out each instrument. 
Playing with metal pipes

Granny Jean's Tree house
One of my favorite parts was the tree house. Who doesn't love a swinging bridge?! Crawling through the tiki man's mouth to climb up to the tree house ingenious!

You climb up and down this to get to bridge of tree house

A toad stool fountain
There were water features everywhere which is fantastic since my children LOVE water! I swear they are little fish!

Hot baby
 I was so tempted to just run around as a kid myself. Lorelei loved looking at everything and watching Hunter get so excited. She is going to love it even more when she can run around herself.
Rock water painting at Gecko stream
I love how everything is touchable and hands on. I hate walking through somewhere and you are not allowed to touch a thing. I also loved ( I know I am using the word love a lot this post) how there were so many things to crawl through and on. What kids doesn't love to crawl through a tunnel?

A very bright and hot 100's day

Getting ready to crawl down the tiki man

Hunter crawling through one of the many logs

Hey you
One of the many adorable fairy houses
What do you mean we have to leave?!
There were so many more activities to do! We will definitely have to go back on a day when it is a bit cooler, so we can touch everything that is metal. I am so thrilled that our city came together to build such a magical place for my children to explore!

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

That looks so fun! I love that bridge and tiki man. And my girls would love the fairy houses!