22 July 2011

Cartesian Diver Experiment

Pardon my off pictures. Having a newly crawling child makes my meager photography even a bit more lacking. : ) I obviously am a science fan so I normally find myself looking for the more sciency (yes that is scientific jargon) type of play for my kids. This experiment deals with density.
A ketchup packet, a 2 liter bottle, and water and you got yourself a science lesson.
Make sure your packet kind of floats.
Find detailed instructions here

Put packet in 2 liter and fill with water .
I absolutely love watching Hunter get excited about something simple. I mean a ketchup packet floating and sinking in water was amazing to him!

Give it a squeeze and watch it sink
Hunter at the age of three doesn't quite understand what I mean about us changing the density of the packet, but he understands that we are making it sink and float and that it is super cool. (There I go again with more science jargon)

Grr put some umph in it

Look Roly poly (Yes that is more cupcake icing on his face . I hide my face in shame)

Hmm let me try this thing. 
And of course everything Hunter does Lorelei must attempt as well. Life is never dull!
The funny thing is when my husband came home he was fascinated with it as well. You mean it sinks when you squeeze it?! The man has a chemistry degree and it still intrigued him. It reminded me I have three adorable kiddos and not just two. Hahaha.

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Tamara Dawn said...

Awww what a fun and simple idea! I have never thought of trying something like that! My two older boys like to make the liter pop containers explode. I haven't even asked them how they do that. Something to do with air and a little water...I think. It's really not safe. I'm always telling them they are going to lose an eye... so yeah, your idea is way better =)